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Illinois is ruralism. Hooray Ruralism!

"Who doesn't love S. Illinois?"

What more can you say about Illinois that hasn't allready been said? Some would argue that Illinois the best state in the US 9 months of the year. We've got a big ass city, loads of corn, and some pretty damn good music. Chicago, which I shouldn't have to elaborate on but I will, is birthplace of the Smashing Pumpkins and Buddy Guy, you know the usuals, loads of indie shit, house or some techno'ie music that I should know about, whatever, that stuff blows, and char' broiled cheddar dogs. Chicago owns. You're jealous because ole' captain Sufjan Stevens did an album about our great state, and you're even more jealous because we can claim Wilco as our own. I have lived in Missouri and Indiana for brief periods of time, and Illinois trumps both of those states. Hands down. Ohio is poor, Pennsylvania is rusted out, Iowa is full of hicks, and Kentucky people sleep with their siblings. So, it's safe to say that Illinois pretty much dominates the midwest.

I'm originally from S. Illinois (south of Champaign for my Chicago readers). The area only produces corn, dentists, and apparently genius musical talent. Folk, country, alternative, whatever, we got it. You love Wilco, I love Wilco, they're good. You like Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo (see yesterdays post). Tough and Cool. Did drugs, made awesome albums, sobered up and still made awesome albums. That is dedication folks. Mere's boss (small firm, holla) has a son who plays in an 8 year old band with Tweedy's son, all suburban father style, so maybe, just maybe, good old Yellow Country might get to share a beer with the man. I'm sure he's an ass, but we can dream, can't we.

Belleville, Il, who would have thought:

Belleville, IL, high school friends Tweedy and Farrar started Uncle Tupelo as the Primitives in St. Louis in the mid-'80s. After a run of four albums (including their seminal debut, No Depression), Farrar abruptly quit in 1994 and started Son Volt, who continued Tupelo's spirit of moody and rousing ruralism. Tweedy and the remaining Tupelo members picked up as Wilco. With that group, Tweedy would permanently lay to rest the impression that Farrar had been the sole, dark genius of Uncle Tupelo. (In fact, one theory holds that Farrar disintegrated the group because he was threatened by Tweedy's burgeoning creative role.)

The rest is history.

Wilco - Poor Places
Wilco - Hummingbird
Wilco -_Heavy_Metal_Drummer
This dude I hang around with sometimes, Sasha was busting my ass the other night because I would rather see Juan Pierre in Center field here in Chicago instead of Johnny Damon. I know Damon has better numbers, but for $12 mill a year, I'd rather see Piere running around at the lead off. That lead me to Albert vs. Derek this summer. Who's having the better year? I think Pujols is going to be in the running for the triple crown and Lee will not. Disagree, welp, then you're wrong. I give the defensive advantage to Lee (now), but in two years things will be different. Pujols is going to, eventually, win a gold glove at first...just wait. A lot of people give Lee so much credit for being a fast first baseman. Pujols has one less stolen base, so the guy does it all. We'll revisit this match up weekly until the end of the year (August for the Cubs and October for the Cardinals), so keep up.

Who's the man?


Average: .343
Home Runs: 31
RBIs: 89
Runs: 95
SB: 11
Class Points: 100
Injury Bug: 0

Average: .350
Home Runs: 33
RBIs: 84
Runs: 84
SB: 12

Class Points: 50 (the guy hangs out at Rockit, lol)
Injury bug: 1

In the real competition, it looks like a wash if you throw out stolen bases, which I am. Neither stud is a runner, so if you wanna argue over one stolen base, leave my blog, now. I'm serious, get off my blog. Otherwise it's a lot of:atta boys for Pujols, Pujols takes the lead 4-3. Granted some of these categories are made up and totally subjective, but just try to argue that I'm wrong. Try it. Right below, you know where to click wise guy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pujols all day, but you forgot the most important factor: Albert's team is in first, going to the play-offs (play-offs?) and they don't suck a gigantic fat one ala the Scurbs. See that Eckstein bomb yesterday? Flippin sweet.


11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:02 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

Injury bug 0 for Pujols? This year. But he had the foot issue last year, which may creep up again. I'll admit: Pujols is a stud. I can't knock the guy. I don't think he'll be a gold glover. He does have the whole first-place team thing going for him. Lee is, sadly, fading in the Triple Crown run. Go Bears.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Hell yah. Miama vs. Chicago tonight. Grossman throws four passes and leaves early. Orton 20-32 for 420 yards and two tds. Ohh yah!

1:15 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Like the Lee vs. Pujols comparison. Lee has definately faded in the last few weeks. Also, Tweedy and Wilco are the bomb. I grew up south of I-80 and far enough away to never be confused with the suburbs. That's rural enough for me.

8:29 PM  
Blogger Kevin said...

I was a suburb guy. Sorry. Palatine.

10:24 PM  

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