Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Hypertonics

So I'm tooling around Google yesterday doing the whole mp3 search thing and I find these guys. The Hypertonics are a cool ass band that lacks certain things...could be why they just give away their music. Seriously, they give it away on their website. That's nice, now how about the music? Welp, it's desce'. The song writting seems to lack something special and the band has identity issues. Here are a few of their thoughts on music:

People aren't consumers, they're people. Cities aren't markets, they're cities. You don't "target certain age groups". If somebody was targeting me, I would feel the need to defend myself. I wouldn't buy their product, I'd shoot them in self-defense.

Sustanance shouldn't be held for ransom. No more $7 bottles of water at concerts. No more $18.98 for a CD. The artificial scarcity and hostage crisis that capitalism creates is over. The monopolies that it seeks are impossible now.

I agree with that. Fantastic... You can't really make an album, give it away for free and not back it up with some kick ass rock. It's hit or miss, when they hit.... it's good. When they miss, they really miss. But who the hell cares, it's all free!

The Hypertonics - The Moments We Don't Allow
The Hypertonics - Prisoner to President
The Hypertonics - A Love Undiagnosed

Added Nugs:
DJ erb - Float On vs. Lean Back
Blackalicious vs. Nas - Make You Feel That Way


Blogger darwin said...

That Float On mash is pretty fresh.

I did a remix of 'Make You Feel That Way,' which I recently posted over here. Thought you might be interested.. :)


6:30 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

The remix is desce. Keep your day job, though.



8:16 PM  
Blogger Goose said...

Yeah hopefull Jamal stays off the dope (or hits the dope to stay healthy, either or) and wrecks some shit ala last year in Cincy, otherwise I'm screwed.

8:47 PM  

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