Friday, August 19, 2005

From Monument to Masses

So, Rage Against the Machine is no more, Green Day is making political music (yank), and I'm a bit tired of this so called war in Iraq. Cool, you too? Sweet. Now lets get down to a band that puts out better shit then both of the bands I just mentioned: From Monument to Masses. FMTM kills it, they really do. Their 2003 album The Impossible Leap in 100 Simple Steps is full of anti-Bush propaganda, if you're into that kind of thing, (it gets a little old at times for me); the entire album is soo "electronically charged" that it takes you over and puts you in a different world. Spoken word is layered over guitar driven rock, sometimes, and the band does a good job of getting their point across: we like to rock.

Described as
a creative lab for revolutionary social change, whatever the hell that is, FMTM "maintains that art and culture cannot exist separately from the world but should rather be celebrated in service of the People. With this in mind, FMTM upholds an anti-imperialist perspective and seeks ways to push their listeners to question, reflect, and get involved."

Via San Fransisco, Francis Chong (drums),
Sergio Robledo-Maderazo(bass), and Matthew Solber (guitar/vocals) put out some good sheez. If these guys stay together, they are going to get big(er) here in hipster land. It's Broken Social Scene with real lyrics and a good front-man. Check them out, now.

From Monument to Masses - To Z (Repeat)
From Monument to Masses - Comrades & Friends
From Monument to Masses - Clinical Features of Rock Trauma (Live on KALX)

Tell me this shit doesn't rock. Wow.


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