Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dirty On Purpose

In an attempt to continue blogging about bands that don't start their name with the word "the," I'd like to bring up Dirty on purpose. A Brooklyn based five piece, Dirty on Purpose sounds similar to a groggy, spaced out Broken Social Scene, err a less hardcore Pelican . Maybe it's just me, but every band with "chick" vocals (that's a frat term if you aren't familiar) sounds like Stars/BSS. Regardless, it's pleasant rock that is smooth and melodic. Spin's band of the day a few days ago... Their lyrics are solid (on a Jason Mraz scale: I give them a 2/5, with 5/5 being the worst), and they wear traditional hipster clothing so you know it's legit. Touring with Mates of State, Dirty on Purpose will be in New York on September 17th at The Mercury Lounge.

Dirty on Purpose - Monument
Dirty on Purpose - All New Friends
Dirty on Purpose - Mindblindness

Added Bonus:
Mates of State - Fluke (Video) Very cool


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