Thursday, August 11, 2005

Devin Davis

Devin Davis is a multitalented lad from Chicago, whose new album "Lonley People of the World Unite!" is an ode to loneliness in the same way that Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs" is an ode to love, well, according to him, anyway. I call Davis multitalented because he, literally, recorded, produced, and bottled his sole into this album, and that production gave us a pretty solid look into a sad, sad guy. Scattered with horns, steel guitars, and other obscure Andrew Bird-esque instruments, Davis' material bleeds loneliness and it is pretty clear that he spent more than enough time working on his "masterpiece" (read: 2 years). With witty lyrics and catchy hooks, Davis does a good job of storytelling, even when his characters make pilgramages to obscure, far off places like a Starbucks on top of Mt. Everest. He keeps even the most ADD stricken listeners happy with zero breaks between songs and a total running time of a whopping 36 minutes. Think Dylan/Neutral Milk/Andrew Bird/Ryan Adams (Cold Roses)/60's Rock, whatever, it's great shit. With Davis, Bird, and the suburban superstars The Redwalls running around the world, Chicago is back on my map, Canada be damned.

Devin Davis - Iron Woman
Devin Davis - Turtle and the Fightless Bird
Devin Davis - Deserted Eyeland


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Blogger Kevin said...

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