Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dear God, help SIU

What do Newsweek, the New York Times and my college newspaper (the Daily Egyptian down at Southern Illinois) all have in common? All three have taken some heat over false stories, bad sources and lies.

So you’re thinking, what the heck is he talking about…

Read these first:
Don't have to look far, it's on the freakin front page of the Trib's website.....

Here is the short and narrow of it:
A friend of mine from school was the editor in chief before I had arrived at the newspaper. He met this little girl that everyone thought was soooo cute. Supposedly her father was serving in Iraq.
Turns out that this girl was full of it and she was being put on by another graduate of the illustrious SIU. She wrote all these “cute” letters to the paper with miss-spellings and what not.
Fast forward two years and the Chicago Tribune jumps in when word of the little girls’ father’s death rolls into Carbondale.
Turns out that this guy never existed, he was made up. Not to mention this little girl wasn’t even the real little girl, and the whole thing was a lie. No record of the father, made up name for the girl and everyone else involved.
Shit I even talked to this little girl on the phone a few times. She thought she was in a movie. Lies, lies, lies.
Front page of the Chicago Tribune’s website the story goes.
If anyone grabs a copy of the Trib tomorrow, please hook me up: cut it out and send it to Carolina. Now one of my friends from school is in some serious journalistic doo-doo. His source is saying he told her to lie, and he is denying it. Either way, it’s bad news for the journalism program at SIU and the school in general.
In this day of Newsweeks’ flub and New York Times’ reporters going to jail, the media is all over this kind of stuff. Thank the good lord I have a job and probably won’t associate with the Daily Egyptian when it comes time resume style. As if SIU needs any more black eyes.



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Blogger Ryan said...

Hey Kyle, I got a copy of the paper today, and I'll send it to you. Sweet. That's some f-ed up stuff man. The DE is in the doghouse, major.

9:14 AM  

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