Monday, August 22, 2005

"Ced Benson is a gold Digger" - Kanye

"Alber Pujols is my hero"

Nice, it's baseball time, and Alfonso Soriano is headed to Minnesota. The Twins got him for next to nothing, and I really think the Cardinals should have made atleast an attempt to pick this guy up, especially considering that Grudz is a little more f-ed up than they originally thought. Good move by Minnesota. Ohh and if you haven't heard, Scott Rolen is out for like ever. Sweet. We'll be fine, but something inside me thinks that he was on the juice (last year), just like everyone else. Sad to say, he's such a good guy.

Ken Griffey Jr. might make it to STL afterall:
"Ken Griffey Jr.'ssmall list of teams to whom he would approve a trade include, the Braves, Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals." Ummm, fantastic? Exactly what we need, more aging outfielders with HUGE contracts. I'd rather have Matt Lawton. Ok, that's a joke, but seriously, Griffey is expensive.

Speaking of the Cubs, man do they suck. They can't even take 2 out of 3 from Colorado. Playoffs?!? LOL. I'm going to the game tommorow night with the sole intention of watching some of the Braves' young studs. They're flippin' loaded. Now that's a team that gets it.

The Chicago Tribune had an entire section in Sunday's paper dedicated to the mess that is the Cedric Benson fiasco. This guy must be getting the worst advice ever from his agent Eugene Parker, or he's really really stupid. I'm going with the latter. Kid is an idiot. $17 mill guaranteed, and he still isn't in a uniform. Common! Chicago allready hates you Ced, get in camp. Even our favorite idiot/stud Pacman Jones has signed a five year deal. It's too bad I wasn't a gifted, fast, large athlete.

If Billy Volek's agent wasn't a complete asshole, he would be a Bear by now. Whatev.

Bring it back yah'll:

Who's the man?


Average: .333
Home Runs: 33
RBIs: 96
Runs: 101
SB: 11
SO: 50

Average: .349
Home Runs: 36
RBIs: 90
Runs: 97
SB: 14

SO: 78

Pujols is a better all around hitter. No one works the count like he does. Period. But, D-Lee is still having one hell of a power year, much to my amazement. I gotta give him the nod, right now. Did I just really say that? I suck.


Blogger ben said...

Um, just because Soriano got claimed by Minnesota it don't mean he's going anywhere. If he gets moved, I'll eat my hat.

11:28 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Looks like you're right. Cool blog, btw.

7:56 AM  

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