Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bikes, they're good for your soul

It's a big bike weekend here in Chicago, and my stupid ass is going to miss the entire thing. The national championship critstarts tomorrow, and I missed the registration deadline. Typical. It would have been awesome, but I was too worried about teeth and what not. God I hate teeth. All is well, though. I need to get my fork straight before I can hop in a field of 180+ riders all digging it out for the national championship. The damn thing has been over-steering for a month and I can't figure out why. Bikes can really piss you off sometimes. Maybe Mere and I will trek out to Downers Grove to see the Cat I national championship. Wonder who will win, prob. my boy Fast Freddy. Looks like I get to start training for next year....I'm gonna whip ass in that Cat III next year. I'm telling you right now.

In Dental News: Keith Olbermann has oral cancer and isn't afraid to talk about it. Good for him. He smoked pipes and cigars, nasty shit. When will people realize that smoking isn't exactly good for you. In fact, it's really, really bad. If any of the ~300 people that visit this blog everyday smoke, stop coming here. I don't want you hanging around my space. Here's the quote that Olbermann pissed off some suits with:
Olbermann had urged viewers to quit smoking and repeatedly mentioned "spitting blood" and "spitting globs of myself into a garbage can" while discussing his bout with a benign tumor in in his mouth.

"I don't care if you don't come to work tomorrow," Kaplan (suit) told Olbermann.
That's bullshit. Screw MSNBC. I'm never watching that rag again. Send this Rick Kaplan an email and let him know that he is worthless. I did.

This might be the coolest music site I've found in a while. Much better than all of my blog dribble. It's called Oh My Rockness and it's dedicated to kick ass Chicago music. Me likey.

Now for why everyone apparently comes here:

Art Brut - Fight
Q and not U - Wonderful People
No Vacancy_-_Heal_Me,_Im_Heartsick
Mudvayne - Not Falling


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