Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and Rufus Wainwright

Oh yah. I'm going to see, get this: Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and Rufus Wainwright tonight at the Ravinia here is Chicago. Should kick ass...the show that is. Ohh, and you can bring your own booze to the show, so Mere and I have a couple bottles of wine all lined up for the festivities. Can't wait. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Ben Lee out of the three, well because I've never seen him, and because I really like his new album
Awake is the New Sleep. Title aside, it's a good, powerful album.

I did a race last night in Matteson, Il. It was hella, yulp I said hella, fun. Raced really hard and ended up getting 3rd in the Cat 3/4 race. The two guys that beat me were two college aged kids (ha, kids) and they were definatley in a little better shape than I was. All things considered, for my first race of the year (in friggin' august for gods sake) I kicked some serious ass. I was in a pain closet for about 2 hours, though and I'm paying for it today. To make matters worse, I had to get up at like 6 A.M. to drive ~90 miles to pick up some teeth from this baller dentists south of the city this morning. Blah, I'm tired, but it was worth it. The growth in the South/West suburbs here is endless. Maybe it's just me, but all of these "luxury single family homes" make me puke. Call them McMansions, whatever, not for me. I'm going to the cubs game this afternoon, to laugh at them, ovbs., so hopefully some booze can cure my tiredness. Lance Armstrong in the mother fuckin' hizzy.
Ben Folds Five - Fair (genius sheez)
Ben Folds - Annie Waits
Ben Folds - Late(live)
Ben Folds - Philosophy(live)
Ben Folds - Zak and Sara(live)

Ben Lee - Float On
Ben Lee - Gamble Everything for Love (Live at the Knitting Factory)
Ben Lee - Cigarettes Will Kill you (Live at the Knitting Factory)
Ben Lee - We're All in this Together (Live at the Knitting Factory)

Rufus Wainwright - Halajewyah
Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure
Rufus Wainwright - I Don't Know What it Is
Rufus Wainwright - Pretty Things

Added Bonus (sans show):
Doves -. There Goes The Fear (King Crimson)
Doves - The Sulphur Man


Blogger Eric said...

I remember when Ben Lee put out his first album "Grandpaw Would." It was just what you'd expect from a 15 year old kid. Showed promise though.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Michael Donohue said...

I have been searching and searching (online and in record shops) for a copy of Ben Lee's Cigarettes Will Kill off of Breathing Tornadoes and i cannot for the life of me track it down. It would be huge of you to help me.

7:39 PM  

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