Sunday, August 07, 2005

Basso kills it, and Mike Doughty runs it...

Damn, Basso is absolutely killing it in Denmark.

I did a 15 mile run with Mere yesterday, and my legs are fried, completely fried. I overheated half way through the run and had to stop and get some gatorade/water. I'm a pussy. It sucked. It was hot here in the Chi' and she's become quite the runner while I've taken my foray into cycling, so you can imagine how excited I was all day. Ahhh I remember why I love riding my bicycle. I listened to the new Death Cab/Iron and Wine/Jason Mraz albums again, during the run, to get a better feel and only the Iron and Wine one helped me out in the least. You know, when you get in the zone and shit, listening to music, yah death cab and Jason Mraz didn't do it. They're gonna get made fun of here for a few months, write that down. Mike Doughty, I keep coming back to that album, for some reason. He got me through the last three miles and I owe him a world of thanks. Thanks Mike, you're great. Whatever. He's got a cool blog, so more womps for him. If you aren't into his album, you should be. It's witty, poppy, and he repeats lyrics like it's going out of style. Not into that kind of thing? Go listen to Death Cab, homo.

Here is an amusing Mike Doughty interview and 3 live acoustic songs live on WBER in Rochester, NY before his show at Milestones. WBER's DJ is horrible here, but the music is good.

Mike Doughty - Intro/Grey Ghost
Mike Doughty - Interview I
Mike Doughty - Madeline and Nine
Mike Doughty - Interview II
Mike Doughty - Unsingable Name

Via Fred Wilson's Podcast, I've been diggin Citizen Cope as of late. I know, I know...he's on MTV and played at Bonnaroo, but he's good. I'm serious, lay off.
Santana & Citizen Cope - Sideways.mp3

Ohh, wow. Big news here. Men have trouble listening to women. Seriously, some people waste their degrees, but this is a new low. I went to college, still do, sort of, with people who do work like this. Great, let's not worry about cancer or bird influenza, listening is key, lets figure that out. Maybe this explains why gay guys are soo diff..

Womps for this lady. Her son was killed fighting for our country and she's not sure why. I'm not really sure, anymore, either. Kids my age (18-25) are the ones getting killed in Iraq and no one has an explanation, what two years later, now? Ohh and our president is on vacation. Must be rough, you know letting your fathers buddies run the country and all. I don't dislike the guy, but he really hasn't done much for me, personally. I'm starting to make the quarter life adulthood republican switch, but he's making it hard. Ohh and Obama works out at Mere's gym. I'd vote for that guy solely based on the fact that we wear the same running shoes. That's what it takes, anymore, when the giant douche and the turd sandwich run against one another, you choose the one with the best shoes.

Jay Farrar is going to be in Chicago on Friday doing an in-store thing. I'm not going to be in town, but if you are, you better go and let me know how it was. Damn, I'd like to see that. The Tribune had a desce' interview with him today. Check it out. I guess he lives with his wife in St. Louis, still, and likes it. Go figure. If St. Louis is good enough for a near 40 year old Jay Farrar, maybe it'll be good enough for me to practice in one day. We'll see about that one.

Jay Farrar - All of Your Might
Jay Farrar - No Rolling Back
Jay Farrar - Out on the Road
Jay Farrar - Doesn't have to be this way (stream it ho)


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