Sunday, August 28, 2005

Are you ready for some Football?

Yesterday's first annual Dental School Fantasy football draft was a smashing success, if I must say so. Starting the festivites at 12:00, we tapped a keg and everyone rolled in around 2:00. The majority of us were not sober by 4 but our teams worked out well...crazy. 14 people in total rocking out at my apartment was quite a sight to see. Everyone took the draft seriously, save a few renobs who know nothing about football, and I came out with a pretty solid team. Couple of highlights include two guys drafting "Willie McGee" and "Terry Holt," and Michale Vick going in the first round, was some good sheez, LOL. Here's a look at my team, which is pretty stocked at the QB/WR position, but lacks something special in the RB department:

QB: Daunte Culpepper/Drew Bledsoe
RB: Dunn, Bell, Droughns, Travis Henry
WR: Moss, Clayton, Mike Williams, Jimmy Smith,
TE: Wiggins, Matt Jones
K: Kaeding
Def: Minnesota

It was tough with a 14 team draft to get a lot of studs, but I'm hoping that one of my four RBs has a killer, breakout year. I really like my Matt Jones pick in the 14th round, that guy is going to be a stud. Maybe not this year, but soon. Hopefully I can move Bledsoe when people need a starting QB...should be a fun year.

Kyle Orten should be the Bears starting QB by next week. I told you a month ago that he would be the next Montana...let the hype machine start now.

In other football news, Illinoise is putting together quite a recruiting class. Say what you will about Ron Zook, I personally think the guy is a tool, but he can recruit. Isiah WilliamsQB for Chicago Vocational is probably one of the better recruits to sign with Illinois in a loooooong time. Fast kid, huge upside. Zook has Chicago locked up, which is a great thing for the Illini. It will be interesting to watch Zook and Charlie Weis battle it out for the same area recruits while I still live here.

Supergrass - Roxy
Minus the Bear - Memphis and 53rd
Minus the Bear - Hooray
Super Furry Animals - The Horn
Sigur Ros - Glosoli


Blogger Goose said...

Watch out for Green overtaking Droughens. Could happen.

Gutsy call with Kaeding. After i saw him miss back to back field goals in preseason i erased his name off my cheat sheet.

It's tough in a 14 man league. Shit gets pretty weak toward the end. I'm in one too.

MN should be an improved defense, but I'm not sold yet. Same with Dallas.

9:47 PM  
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