Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dirty On Purpose

In an attempt to continue blogging about bands that don't start their name with the word "the," I'd like to bring up Dirty on purpose. A Brooklyn based five piece, Dirty on Purpose sounds similar to a groggy, spaced out Broken Social Scene, err a less hardcore Pelican . Maybe it's just me, but every band with "chick" vocals (that's a frat term if you aren't familiar) sounds like Stars/BSS. Regardless, it's pleasant rock that is smooth and melodic. Spin's band of the day a few days ago... Their lyrics are solid (on a Jason Mraz scale: I give them a 2/5, with 5/5 being the worst), and they wear traditional hipster clothing so you know it's legit. Touring with Mates of State, Dirty on Purpose will be in New York on September 17th at The Mercury Lounge.

Dirty on Purpose - Monument
Dirty on Purpose - All New Friends
Dirty on Purpose - Mindblindness

Added Bonus:
Mates of State - Fluke (Video) Very cool

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So many Jones we can have a Jonesin team..

In every fantasy football draft, near the ending, say 14/15 rounds in, there comes a point where you either have to draft purely on name recognition or for personal value. Welp, last weekend I drafted Matt Jones and Pacman Jones (with a honorary 16th pick) because I love the shit out of both their skills. If there are two more exciting rookies in the NFL, let me know and I'll be happy to prove you wrong. I plan on picking them again whenever our little nerdy Blogger Fantasy Football league starts. Also on my list of "faves" are Antwan Randle El, Brandon Llyod, and Courtney Roby. I go to dental school at the U of I, and attended Indiana during undergrad. You get the idea.

Kyle Orton looks like a desce' late round pick for me. Holler.

In Honor of my two favorite Jones, here are a few more:

Tom Jones - She's A Lady
Donell Jones - Where I Wanna Be
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
Mike Jones - Day 2 Day Grindin (ft. Mango)

Most of these artists suck, but I thought it was fun. Speaking of sucking: after a few more listens, I still can't understand why Pitchfork gave Kanye West's new album a 9.5! Common a 9.5! The lyrics are pretty soft, half the songs need to be shortened, and the skits suck. The beats are very good, however.


In make me cool news, apprently I live right across the street from an apartment complex where both Kanye and Twista lived while they were still calling Chicago their homebases. I'm cool, trump that in a total white guy way!

Hockey Night

Minneapolis' Hockey Night is a very agreeable band. Featuring two drummers and two guitarists, Hockey Night is a "bread and butter" group with upbeat, perfectly harmonized melodies. In the mold of the Kings of Leon and Pavement, Hockey Night throws down some poppy hooks laced with jumpy rhythms that even Journey would be proud of. In fact, the best description I've seen, thus far, of the band includes a cross between Pavement and the aforementioned Journey. That's what I'm talking about, don't stop belevin'.

Classic, easy rock, "Hockey Night throws in a smattering of classic rock riffs and new wave organs to give their standard indie set-up an added boost of euphoria." Never challenging, but always fun: Hockey Night. (Purchase CD via Insound)

Hockey Night - For Guys Eyes Only
Hockey Night - Cooperation

Seriously, check these guys out. Added Boni':
Hockey Night - This Peaceful Year
Hockey Night - Grim Break

Monday, August 29, 2005

Crown preps are for suckers

So lets pretend that you are sitting there, doing whatever it is that you do, agonizing over and carfully planning every little movement that you make, lets say in a 1.0 mm field, or whatever cubical you work in. Lets just say that. Ok, so now lets say that you work your balls off for 90 minutes doing this nerve racking sheez (that you can barely see), only to have an anal-young-professor come over to your station, take one look, laugh, and tell you to "start the entire thing over." Lets just say that.

Sounds like a shitty scenario.

What a friggin day. Dentistry is filled with more anal stuff than accounting. Seriously, what is the difference between 0.25 flippin' millimeters, when most of the people receiving the work you do will never have any idea as to:
A. How good your work is

B. How much bullshit goes into the finite procedure that you are doing

Hell, most people (myself included) don't floss more than once a month. Seriously, my "goal practice" involves me doing good work, at a descent pace, with zero patients in pain. I'm pretty steadfast on the first two, the last one depends on how much crap I get in Dental School. That's the goal. Oh and by the way, I fockin' rocked the second prep. Showed the prof' biotch, and walked out. Sort of ;) Dental school faculty are nothing more than chin omletes in this Peter North's book. Lets just say that.

Damn right
Orton. Snaps for me.

I'm guessing the kid goes 10-6 and leads the Bears to the playoffs, only to become the next Joe Montana. The real question is whether or not he'll have a Roger Craig to go with him (Ced Benson?).

It's either that or he flops and we go 5-12. Defense is looking nasty, though. Orton thinks that "they are the best defense in the league." Batimore and Buffalo are just a bit ahead in my book. One little peev' I have about Orton is that he chews tobacco on the sideline. Nasty shit Kyle, common.

Whatever happened to Agents of Good Roots? If you know the answer, I might just have a contest ala
Chris. If you know my question, you get two fake plastic teeth prepped for gold crown placements. Now that's a prize.

Agents of Good Roots - Hobby/Tangled up in Blue (live)
Agents of Good Roots - Redman Hoedown (live)
Agents of Good Roots - John Brown (live)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Are you ready for some Football?

Yesterday's first annual Dental School Fantasy football draft was a smashing success, if I must say so. Starting the festivites at 12:00, we tapped a keg and everyone rolled in around 2:00. The majority of us were not sober by 4 but our teams worked out well...crazy. 14 people in total rocking out at my apartment was quite a sight to see. Everyone took the draft seriously, save a few renobs who know nothing about football, and I came out with a pretty solid team. Couple of highlights include two guys drafting "Willie McGee" and "Terry Holt," and Michale Vick going in the first round, was some good sheez, LOL. Here's a look at my team, which is pretty stocked at the QB/WR position, but lacks something special in the RB department:

QB: Daunte Culpepper/Drew Bledsoe
RB: Dunn, Bell, Droughns, Travis Henry
WR: Moss, Clayton, Mike Williams, Jimmy Smith,
TE: Wiggins, Matt Jones
K: Kaeding
Def: Minnesota

It was tough with a 14 team draft to get a lot of studs, but I'm hoping that one of my four RBs has a killer, breakout year. I really like my Matt Jones pick in the 14th round, that guy is going to be a stud. Maybe not this year, but soon. Hopefully I can move Bledsoe when people need a starting QB...should be a fun year.

Kyle Orten should be the Bears starting QB by next week. I told you a month ago that he would be the next Montana...let the hype machine start now.

In other football news, Illinoise is putting together quite a recruiting class. Say what you will about Ron Zook, I personally think the guy is a tool, but he can recruit. Isiah WilliamsQB for Chicago Vocational is probably one of the better recruits to sign with Illinois in a loooooong time. Fast kid, huge upside. Zook has Chicago locked up, which is a great thing for the Illini. It will be interesting to watch Zook and Charlie Weis battle it out for the same area recruits while I still live here.

Supergrass - Roxy
Minus the Bear - Memphis and 53rd
Minus the Bear - Hooray
Super Furry Animals - The Horn
Sigur Ros - Glosoli

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kenseth takes Bristol, Blaney 23rd

Bristol is one bad track. With the bumping and running, and the grudges, it’s out of control. NASCAR’s toughest ticket draws 160,000 and those beer-guzzling fans are not let down. The track is a half-mile and it’s full of excitement. There were plenty of crashes and angry drivers tonight, this is one fantastic sport.
All the hope of Rusty Wallace taking the flag during his last call at Bristol were squashed by bad pitting strategies, Dale Jr. fought back to climb into the top ten, for the race that is. Gordon ran well and is in the chase, but the McCall’s family favorite Dave Blaney (07) didn’t end so well. He started 4th, but ended 23rd. Jack Daniels on the other hand still rocks the party.
Matt Kenseth took the checkered, a race he desperately needed. His crew was on point this evening and helped him to one of NASCAR’s most exciting races. He’s still boring and I’m not sure that I give to stinks of a fart about him.
I wasn’t a big fan of the paint-swapping sport until I moved to North Carolina. Now, I can’t get enough. It’s only a matter of time until I buy a Dodge Charger (how sweet they are, what’s a good price on one grandpa?) or a Monte Carlo and race down a local highway. Racing, er uh, racin’ in the south is a little more complex than I gave it credit for. It’s not just the driver, there’s a lot more involved.
Anyway, go Cards, good luck Bears and LeBron was at the race tonight, proving that NASCAR is moving into another world. It’s a shame that it took this long for me to jump onto the bandwagon. The Dave Blaney bandwagon that is.


Friday, August 26, 2005

SIU's newspaper hits the wire, major papers

Well, it's to bad it had to come like this. As reported yesterday, the whole Kodee-gate thing down at my beloved Daily Egyptian on the campus of SIU is breaking into the wire. The story has found it's way to Yahoo's news page, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and as I type this, probably every morning newspaper in the country.

To top this baby off, it turns out that the paper has been contacted by a bunch of news shows... here's the list:
CNN, Dateline, 20/20, ABC News, CBS News, Nightline, The Morning Show, The Today Show and drumrole.......the Montel Show....and my buddy Mike is flying to NYC tomorrow to be on ABC.

USA Today
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
The Tribune's story requires a register, but it's the best, worth the read.
Chicago Tribune

It's a really sad day. I was super proud of working there and had a wonderful experience, but that's all somewhat washed down the drain. Thank the good lord that Kyle has a job, because after every editor in the nation gets a read of this, the DE is going to be a big "don't hire me" on resumes. Might even have to take it off mine.

Things are nuts down there from what I hear. It's really bad that this is the most publicity that SIU has received since making the Sweet 16. Even that probably didn't get as many reads as this story. The only thing that could cheer poor Kyle up is a solid ride in the morning and a beer guzzling watching of the NASCAR race at Bristol tomorrow night.

A good friend from school's career is shot, he's screwed. Time to pack it up and pick a new career. He had good internships at the Post Dispatch and Springfield's paper, and now those aren't worth a dime all because he didn't check a few facts.

Credibility is the key in this profession, and the Daily Egyptian just lost all the hard-earned credibility it had.

Danko Jones

Chicago Reader has a good article on Pelican.
I should totally go see Our Lady Peace, it's $20 though :(
Speaking of OLP. Danko Jones is opening up for them, which might actually be better than seeing OLP perform
Somewhere Out There or Life live.
Check out the videos, visit the
site and see how much they rock.
In the Way to My Heart (live) video he has a mean Gene Simmons thing going on. Bet that dude parties balls..we're talking Interpol balls.

Danko Jones - Way to My Heart (Live video)
Danko Jones - I Want To (Ray Charles cover) (mp3)

Danko Jones - Fucked Up (mp3)

Because I can't say it any better:

Danko Jones
By Darren Kerr- Drop-D Magazine

Toronto's Danko Jones is an arrogant dude. There are all kinds of tales about interviews being compared to tooth extractions, as Danko Jones, the man, will only say two things about Danko Jones, the band: that they rock, and that they like the ladies. What else is there to know? Thing is, the music writers and fans adore this ego. Why? Because Danko Jones are the real deal. A rock band with the juggernaut steam-train sensibilities of seventies Detroit and the propulsive amphetamine simplicity of early punk rock, with the style of well-dressed blues men.

This EP's lead-off track "Sugar Chocolate" smacks you in the face right from the outset. You're not gonna find any dainty intros in any Danko Jones material. "If you want a piece of some chocolate, I can deliver it," sings Jones in the above song, and I'm sure the little girls understand. "Big Bed," "Never Again" and "Fucked Up" are more frenetic stomping ass shakin' workouts.

This is really good high-octane shit to amp you right up. I hear that the band's live performances make the women swoon and the grown men weep, so I hope they bring their egotistical asses to Vancouver soon so I can see if they live up to the words of the hype machine. It's been a long time since I had a good cry.

Jackyl, the band that plays the chainsaw

The elder McCall wants to hear some Jackyl on a retro-friday...MYCT can't dissapoint.
These guys have been rocking for quite some time, and are probably best known for being the "band that plays the chainsaw". Visit their
site, buy the music, and don't try to record the chainsaw no matter how nice your mic is. You'll cut your hand off and bleed all over the damn place. Now the toilet, there's a progressive insturment that needs to be recorded....hopefully someone will make an album of that shit (pun intended) and all the indie kids will go crazy. Happy Friday pops!

Jackyl - The Lumberjack (Chainsaw-riffic)
Jackyl - We're an American Band (cover)
Jackyl - I Stand Alone (cover)

Via blackjack (aka our father): Jackyl - Secret of the Bottle (Highly recd')

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dear God, help SIU

What do Newsweek, the New York Times and my college newspaper (the Daily Egyptian down at Southern Illinois) all have in common? All three have taken some heat over false stories, bad sources and lies.

So you’re thinking, what the heck is he talking about…

Read these first:
Don't have to look far, it's on the freakin front page of the Trib's website.....

Here is the short and narrow of it:
A friend of mine from school was the editor in chief before I had arrived at the newspaper. He met this little girl that everyone thought was soooo cute. Supposedly her father was serving in Iraq.
Turns out that this girl was full of it and she was being put on by another graduate of the illustrious SIU. She wrote all these “cute” letters to the paper with miss-spellings and what not.
Fast forward two years and the Chicago Tribune jumps in when word of the little girls’ father’s death rolls into Carbondale.
Turns out that this guy never existed, he was made up. Not to mention this little girl wasn’t even the real little girl, and the whole thing was a lie. No record of the father, made up name for the girl and everyone else involved.
Shit I even talked to this little girl on the phone a few times. She thought she was in a movie. Lies, lies, lies.
Front page of the Chicago Tribune’s website the story goes.
If anyone grabs a copy of the Trib tomorrow, please hook me up: cut it out and send it to Carolina. Now one of my friends from school is in some serious journalistic doo-doo. His source is saying he told her to lie, and he is denying it. Either way, it’s bad news for the journalism program at SIU and the school in general.
In this day of Newsweeks’ flub and New York Times’ reporters going to jail, the media is all over this kind of stuff. Thank the good lord I have a job and probably won’t associate with the Daily Egyptian when it comes time resume style. As if SIU needs any more black eyes.


The Hypertonics

So I'm tooling around Google yesterday doing the whole mp3 search thing and I find these guys. The Hypertonics are a cool ass band that lacks certain things...could be why they just give away their music. Seriously, they give it away on their website. That's nice, now how about the music? Welp, it's desce'. The song writting seems to lack something special and the band has identity issues. Here are a few of their thoughts on music:

People aren't consumers, they're people. Cities aren't markets, they're cities. You don't "target certain age groups". If somebody was targeting me, I would feel the need to defend myself. I wouldn't buy their product, I'd shoot them in self-defense.

Sustanance shouldn't be held for ransom. No more $7 bottles of water at concerts. No more $18.98 for a CD. The artificial scarcity and hostage crisis that capitalism creates is over. The monopolies that it seeks are impossible now.

I agree with that. Fantastic... You can't really make an album, give it away for free and not back it up with some kick ass rock. It's hit or miss, when they hit.... it's good. When they miss, they really miss. But who the hell cares, it's all free!

The Hypertonics - The Moments We Don't Allow
The Hypertonics - Prisoner to President
The Hypertonics - A Love Undiagnosed

Added Nugs:
DJ erb - Float On vs. Lean Back
Blackalicious vs. Nas - Make You Feel That Way

Thanks Shure!

Got brand new headphones today, no questions asked via the beautiful people at Shure. If I would have known that all I had to do to replace my old ones (right earbud cut out) was drive 15 minutes and hand them to the lady, I would have done it two months ago. Awesome building too in Skokie, Il. Shure is some first class sheez. Yay for them. I forgot how much better music is with the noise cancellers. Kick ass. I'm actually looking forward to working on projects at school all day.

Special welcome to my brother Kyle. When he said only 3 people read this blog, he was way off. 295 unique visits yesterday, and it was a slow day herrre. Maybe the Nascar/Country music will put us over 500, then we'll be fockin' famous and what not.

Little sample of what i'll be rocking out to while I work on endo teeth all afternoon. Have yourself a good day, I know I shure will. (chaaaaeeze)!
Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy (Live)
Maximo Park - Apply Some Pressure
Paul Wall - Game Over
Foreign Exchange - Brave New World
Hieroglyphics - Chicago
Pearl Jam - Everything Will Be Alright (live Bob Marley cover)
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (acoustic)

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Uhhh, hi, is this thing on?

Hello blog reading mo fos,
It's Kyle, Ryan's better looking, more charming, funnier, better spelling badass twin brother from the southeast. In an attempt to get more than three people that aren't related to the McCall family, Ryan has brought me in to post on his blog. What you get from me is a bit different than Ryan's posting.
First, I live in a small town with a bunch of tard-a-mondos, so I won’t be harpin about how much the Chi-town sucks or rocks, rather, I’ll be venting about idiots in the south that have more children than they have teeth, and they usually are only 15.
Second, I’m not in dental school so you won’t be hearing anything about teeth, unless it pertains to people in the south missing them. I do work at a newspaper though, and I’m sure I’ll bitch up a small storm about co-workers. On second thought, let’s try to keep that to a minimum.
Third, Ryan posts a lot of cool tunes, but what about some country? Hell why not, that’s all that’s on the radio down here so you’ll get your pickup truck fix of some country tunes. Era, uh, ya’ll fixin to get some country.
Fourth, I ride too, so I’ll talk about my inadequate workouts and bikes etc.
And of course, lots of sports talk, but with a little NASCAR thrown in for good measures.

Well that’s enough of a hello. Keep reading and see how it goes. Big-ups to Ryan and the Toofrunner.

Indiana We're All For You

My favorite college fooseball team, the mighty Indiana Hoosiers, are preparing for another killer run at the bottom of the Big Ten. Word on the street is that the team has one goal this year: Beat Illinois in the Big-Ten pillowfight that will be their homecoming game at Memorial Stadium. Should be another nasty year for the team under new head coach, of Miami (OH) fame, Terry Hoeppner. You could make a case that Indiana has the worst college football program in the nation. But, every year I get ubber-optimistic and I think they are finally headed in the right direction. The arm of Soph. Blake Powers gets the nod right now, but right behind him is Kellen Lewis, a Twan'ish QB who might actually do something relevant someday, like say lead the Hoosiers to a Bowl Game. Kid is super fast 4.6 40 is solid for a quarterback and his 33" vertical is pretty nice, too. He's the future, remember that name when we tarnish Illinois later this year. I'll take the Gaylord Hotels Bowl, that's fine with me. GO IU!

New Kanye is dope. Me likey. Not "ground breaking" stuff, but still pretty damn good.
Kanye_West & Lupe_Fiasco_- Touch The Sky

Old Sheez:
Kanye West - Never Let Me Down
Kanye West ft. Jay-Z - Diamonds (Remix)
Jin & Kanye West - I Got a Love

"Back to school, back to school...."

"Oh hey guys, I'm a big fat asshole"

Wow, the French think that Lance Armstrong used EPO. No way. Cannot friggin believe it. Epo is to cycling what the juice is to Baseball. People do it, it works, some get caught, some don't. EPO is some wild stuff. I know that Tyler Hamilton has to be lying, at this point, the guy got caught transfusing blood for christ sake. Wow, vanishing twin my arse. Pretty ballsy claim. But Jean-Marie Leblanc is a jerk. Even if he is right.

So, my life is now over. Seriously, I thought my first year of dental school was tough. Welp, second year is going to be even worse. It's probably a good thing that I moved to a more southern location, because I've allready in the middle of 3 projects and I've been in a lecture hall 14 hours allready this week. Second year is more time consuming for sure, but the stuff is actual dentally related, so it's much more interesting (to me). I'll survive, but this year is going to take it's toll on my cycling life. I was at school working non-stop for eight hours today, and I still ain't even close to being caught up. Nice.

I'm not normally into this type of music, but I really enjoy this song via Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear, good stuff.

Man, second year....allready.
Mad bitching on here.

Ben Folds - The Luckiest
Muse - Stockholm Situation
Mike Doughty - I'm Still Drinking in my Dreams
Mike Doughty - Tremendous Brunettes
The Books - Take Time

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Killswitch Engage

Okay, Okay, Okay. Settle down hipsters. I know, I know. This isn't normally a band that I would post about, or drop mp3s of, but my buddy/roommate Nickas tells me that they are the hottest thing going on in the metal world right now. Infact, he thinks that they'll be "HUGE" someday. We'll see. Since MYCT is all about celebrating everyone's differences, lets all give this a try. If it sucks, let me know and I'll make fun of Nickas for you. Little bio and three songs. Rock, seriously, rock.

Killswitch Engage are to the New Wave of American Heavy Metal as Korn are to nu-metal. They were both around at the beginning of their respective genres and they both bring something new to hard rock. Korn incorporated rap into their rock, and Killswitch incorporate acoustic interludes ("Inhale" & "And Embers Rise"), a singer who's voice can be soulful at times (as in "The End of Heartache"), and lyrics that are sometimes almost poetic ("Your memory is never passing/ My love for you is everlasting"). Sure, Killswitch have all of the characteristics of a metalcore band (face-melting riffs, pounding drums and a loud singer), but those three small innovations make all the difference. They make Killswitch stand out from bands like Chimaira and Lamb of God, but more importantly, these innovations make the C.D. diverse, helping it to be worthy of repeated listens.

From their album The End of Heartache:
Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache
Killswitch Engage - Take this Oath

From their album Alive or Just Breathing:
Killswitch Engage - Element of One

miPod is the best

Go vote for me, now, over at I'm in the middle of a massive iPod war with Sonya, and truth be told, I have the better random iPod playlist. What a concept: let's see who has the best random hipster music on their iPod/mp3 player. MYCT rocks, vote for it.

I'm sitting in the middle of 8.5 hours of pointless lecture (Ie: sandals are not proper clinical attire) here at the college of dentistry, and thought my time would be better spent updating my blog. School sucks. Seriously, we're in a lecture hall from 8-4 on Tuesdays, so expect big things every Tuesday.

Monday, August 22, 2005

"Ced Benson is a gold Digger" - Kanye

"Alber Pujols is my hero"

Nice, it's baseball time, and Alfonso Soriano is headed to Minnesota. The Twins got him for next to nothing, and I really think the Cardinals should have made atleast an attempt to pick this guy up, especially considering that Grudz is a little more f-ed up than they originally thought. Good move by Minnesota. Ohh and if you haven't heard, Scott Rolen is out for like ever. Sweet. We'll be fine, but something inside me thinks that he was on the juice (last year), just like everyone else. Sad to say, he's such a good guy.

Ken Griffey Jr. might make it to STL afterall:
"Ken Griffey Jr.'ssmall list of teams to whom he would approve a trade include, the Braves, Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals." Ummm, fantastic? Exactly what we need, more aging outfielders with HUGE contracts. I'd rather have Matt Lawton. Ok, that's a joke, but seriously, Griffey is expensive.

Speaking of the Cubs, man do they suck. They can't even take 2 out of 3 from Colorado. Playoffs?!? LOL. I'm going to the game tommorow night with the sole intention of watching some of the Braves' young studs. They're flippin' loaded. Now that's a team that gets it.

The Chicago Tribune had an entire section in Sunday's paper dedicated to the mess that is the Cedric Benson fiasco. This guy must be getting the worst advice ever from his agent Eugene Parker, or he's really really stupid. I'm going with the latter. Kid is an idiot. $17 mill guaranteed, and he still isn't in a uniform. Common! Chicago allready hates you Ced, get in camp. Even our favorite idiot/stud Pacman Jones has signed a five year deal. It's too bad I wasn't a gifted, fast, large athlete.

If Billy Volek's agent wasn't a complete asshole, he would be a Bear by now. Whatev.

Bring it back yah'll:

Who's the man?


Average: .333
Home Runs: 33
RBIs: 96
Runs: 101
SB: 11
SO: 50

Average: .349
Home Runs: 36
RBIs: 90
Runs: 97
SB: 14

SO: 78

Pujols is a better all around hitter. No one works the count like he does. Period. But, D-Lee is still having one hell of a power year, much to my amazement. I gotta give him the nod, right now. Did I just really say that? I suck.


Started school again today, doesn't even feel like I had a break. I'm tired and grumpy Lets hug it out bitch.

I like karate, who don't like karate? Their album Pockets was on my iPod 3-4 times last week, dig it. You better get into it, fool. It's jazzy and smooth, much like myself. Cheers!

Pockets continues the project of lacing shrewd rock songwriting with quirky, soulful rhythms that the band introduced with Unsolved. This time around the songs are more concise and the tempos quicker, but Pockets also has its contemplative moments. Case in point is "Water," the song from which the recording's title comes, one that begins with a century-old blues progression and gently meanders into the 8th-note strumming style of the Secret Stars, Farina's other (early-90s) band. While the sparse and trudging "Alingual" sounds straight off one of K A R A T E's early singles, the densely textured "Cacophony" and "Concrete" feature the gritty guitar work of Chris Brokaw (Consonant, Pullman, Steve Wynn, Come, Codeine).

Karate - With_Age
Karate - Water
Karate - The_State_I'm_In...
Karate - Cacaphony
Karate - Concrete

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pelican - March Into the Sea [EP]

Friday, August 19, 2005


OHHHHHH YAH!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I wasn't going to update all weekend, but I just found out that I passed the first part of my board exams! I'm super stoked. No idea what my score was, but I passed and don't have to take that test ever again. I'm on easy street until December when I'll have to take finals. But, until then I'm going to party balls. Ohhh yah!

Sports like whoa/It's a War

Musicherry invited me to war. Welp, it's on biotches.

1. Clap Your Hands Say Yah - Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood
2. Ben Folds Five - Video Killed the Radio Star
3. Tool - Reflection
4. Green Day - Holiday
5. Loretta Lynn - Have Mercy
6. The Postal Service - Sleeping In
7. The Walkmen - Little House of Savages
8. Andre 3000 - Pink and Blue
9. The Chemical Brothers - Shake Break Bounce
10. One Rainy Wish - Hendrix

That's a winner...

Cy Young, holler
Randy Moss apparently likes to poke the smot. Duh.

The Bears are getting tired of Ced' Benson's shit. Me too.

Cards might still get Griffey. They need him now that Rolen is gone for the year (cry).

Indiana came in at #18 on Andy Katz's pre season top 50. Told yah. Looks like they'll miss out on Rush, though. :( There is still hope that Mike Davis can swing a deal to get Rush. One of his high school/aau coaches would probably get an assistant coaching spot out of it, just like DJ White's HS coach. Davis is one sketchy dude.

Leipheimer looks good in Germany. Now win the Tour, fool.

Have a good weekend. I'm going to force myself to stay away from the computer and get outside/enjoy my last two days of freedom. Keep on rockin'

Radiohead - Meeting in the Aisle (Running from Demoms/No Surprise EP)
Velvet Underground - Beginning To See the Light
Magnetic Fields - Take Ecstacy with Me

From Monument to Masses

So, Rage Against the Machine is no more, Green Day is making political music (yank), and I'm a bit tired of this so called war in Iraq. Cool, you too? Sweet. Now lets get down to a band that puts out better shit then both of the bands I just mentioned: From Monument to Masses. FMTM kills it, they really do. Their 2003 album The Impossible Leap in 100 Simple Steps is full of anti-Bush propaganda, if you're into that kind of thing, (it gets a little old at times for me); the entire album is soo "electronically charged" that it takes you over and puts you in a different world. Spoken word is layered over guitar driven rock, sometimes, and the band does a good job of getting their point across: we like to rock.

Described as
a creative lab for revolutionary social change, whatever the hell that is, FMTM "maintains that art and culture cannot exist separately from the world but should rather be celebrated in service of the People. With this in mind, FMTM upholds an anti-imperialist perspective and seeks ways to push their listeners to question, reflect, and get involved."

Via San Fransisco, Francis Chong (drums),
Sergio Robledo-Maderazo(bass), and Matthew Solber (guitar/vocals) put out some good sheez. If these guys stay together, they are going to get big(er) here in hipster land. It's Broken Social Scene with real lyrics and a good front-man. Check them out, now.

From Monument to Masses - To Z (Repeat)
From Monument to Masses - Comrades & Friends
From Monument to Masses - Clinical Features of Rock Trauma (Live on KALX)

Tell me this shit doesn't rock. Wow.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bikes, they're good for your soul

It's a big bike weekend here in Chicago, and my stupid ass is going to miss the entire thing. The national championship critstarts tomorrow, and I missed the registration deadline. Typical. It would have been awesome, but I was too worried about teeth and what not. God I hate teeth. All is well, though. I need to get my fork straight before I can hop in a field of 180+ riders all digging it out for the national championship. The damn thing has been over-steering for a month and I can't figure out why. Bikes can really piss you off sometimes. Maybe Mere and I will trek out to Downers Grove to see the Cat I national championship. Wonder who will win, prob. my boy Fast Freddy. Looks like I get to start training for next year....I'm gonna whip ass in that Cat III next year. I'm telling you right now.

In Dental News: Keith Olbermann has oral cancer and isn't afraid to talk about it. Good for him. He smoked pipes and cigars, nasty shit. When will people realize that smoking isn't exactly good for you. In fact, it's really, really bad. If any of the ~300 people that visit this blog everyday smoke, stop coming here. I don't want you hanging around my space. Here's the quote that Olbermann pissed off some suits with:
Olbermann had urged viewers to quit smoking and repeatedly mentioned "spitting blood" and "spitting globs of myself into a garbage can" while discussing his bout with a benign tumor in in his mouth.

"I don't care if you don't come to work tomorrow," Kaplan (suit) told Olbermann.
That's bullshit. Screw MSNBC. I'm never watching that rag again. Send this Rick Kaplan an email and let him know that he is worthless. I did.

This might be the coolest music site I've found in a while. Much better than all of my blog dribble. It's called Oh My Rockness and it's dedicated to kick ass Chicago music. Me likey.

Now for why everyone apparently comes here:

Art Brut - Fight
Q and not U - Wonderful People
No Vacancy_-_Heal_Me,_Im_Heartsick
Mudvayne - Not Falling


Yesterdays MMJ Rocket Man cover put me in the mood for a little cover-fest today. Lost in the massive musical year that was 1993 (I don't even know what that means) was a tribute album to the late, great Jimi Hendrix. The album is stacked with solid talent the likes of Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, Clapton, Pat Metheny, and the Cure. Ohh and don't forget PM Dawn and the Spin Doctors add two tracks! Critics trashed it, but for the most part all of the covers are desce' enough for a listen or two. Here are a couple of my favs:
Buddy Guy - Red House
Eric Clapton - Stone Free
Jeff Beck - Seal - Manic Depression
Living Colour - Crosstown Traffic
Pat Metheny - Third Stone from the Sun
The Cure - Purple Haze
The Pretenders - Bold as Love

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Indiana is back baby!

Indiana, my beloved alma matter is two signings away from making another national championship run (just like the good old days when I roamed the campus). Brandon Rush, brother of NBA stud Kareem has supposedly narrowed his list of schools down to IU and Kansas (puke). Super talented 6'6" shooting guard (#4 ranked prep in the nation), Rush would look great in the cream and crimson. Little odd, considering that both schools start classes in a few weeks, but if he does sign with IU they are undoubtedly one of the top teams in the big ten, no make that the nation next year. Ohh and to make things even sweeter, they're very close to getting a 6'10" foreign guy, Cem Dinc, sweet name, heh, to roam the already loaded front court with Marco Killingsworth and super-soph DJ White. I might be eating some serious crow later this week, but I'm willing to take my chances, and go ahead and say that IU will win a national championship next year. Eat that Andy Katz, you schmuck.

Little bit o' Bloomington's finest:

Stephen Kellog - Jack and Diane (shn)

Hot Water Music - Authority Song

Added nugs:

My Morning Jacket - Anytime (via touchthatdial)

My Morning Jacket - Rocket Man (Demo) (") This is super!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Whatta drive:

That's a picture of Nickas. Guess who drove today.

Wow, this is bizarre. Really weird. That sucks.

This dude is nuts. Seriously, check out his blog. (via "full of buoyant gaymotrons." That's redonk stuff.

Looks like the Spooks made it on the Hype Machine yesterday. Not that I'm bitter or anything, cough, but I sent the "hype machine" like four email bombs. Next time maybe they'll give old Yellow Country some love.

I'm spent from my visit to NC. Nickas and I are driving back today and I plan on flying, seriously flying back. Speeds of 90+ in Tennesee. I'd like to make a few stops in Asheville, Elizabethtown, etc.. for various reasons, but we're planning on just killing the drive...early.

Road-trip/cheese-fest friendly music:
John Mayer - Bigger Than My Body
Pearl Jam - Crazy Mary (acoustic)
Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black
Rolling Stones - Let's Spend the Night Together
Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Damn Yankees - High Enough
Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly
Mr. Big - To Be With You

Bloc Party Selling Out Metallica Style...

"Like eating glass, more like choking down some cock"

You know what really grinds my gears, Bloc Party. Bloc Party is done. It's over, don't fight it. Shut down the hype-machine. They've gone and sold out, not indie anymore kiddos. They should do an album with Jason Mraz. This is new to me, but, after a terrible on-demand (comcast) concert viewing and a TARGET add, these guys are worthless, imo. Being used to sell jeans in a shitty tv spot is one thing, but the on demand concert just ruined it for me. Horrible, horrible stuff. Bloc Party is gayer than Tom Cruise in bed riding a strap on with a drunk Rob Thomas. That's gay. I'm going on a long ride in a few hours and they're not on the playlist. I'd rather work out to Rufus Wainwright, atleast he's honest about it.

Don't listen to these. If you do, send me your address, and I'll come over to your house and punch you in the stomach. I'm serious.

Do listen to this added nug
(via the Change Single):

Deftones (feat Jonah) - no ordinary love (sade cover)

Pac Jones...

So, most vacations are supposed to be super relaxing and recharge your batteries for whatever you've got going on in the corporate world the following week. I don't work for the man, like most people, but my vacation, thus far, has been redonk. We went to the beach. Check. We drank our fair share of Yinglings, check. We rode bikes, triple check. Three for three. Nascar is crazy out here. Seriously, everyone and their brother loves the sport (is it a sport?), and it's grown on me a little bit. My twin (kyle) has thrown around the idea of starting a nascar/country music blog in spite of me, and I think it's a cool idea. Today will be our last day here in NC and then Jeff and I are making a road trip back to Chicago to try and get ready for another go-round of hell, errr, I mean Dental School, and I plan on trying to figure this Rex Grossman problem out when I get back. Sheez, the Bears are screwed....whatcha gonna do? Root for the panthers, that's right, now we're talking.

The running joke of the weekend has been the unbelievable talent that is Pac-Man Jones. Well, he finally signed today, so watch out kids. He's the greatest, and the smurtest.

Can someone hook me up with this fantasy football, blog thing?

Play the hits, biotch (hip hop style):
People Under the Stairs - Acid Rain
People Under the Stais - LA Songs
Spooks - Karma Hotel
Mike Jones - Still Tippin
Sage Francis - Gunz Yo
Z-Trip - Breakfast Club
Atmosphere - Always Coming Home Back to You

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Ohh my sweet Carolina...

North Carolina, come on and take your shirt off! Well, my buddy Jeff and I made it down to N. Carolina for a few days and the drive only took us ~15 hours (stops included) from Chicago. It was a haul, but I'm glad we're here. I've got three things to do this week:

1. Ride/race my bike as much as possible
2. Drink Yinglings like it's going out of style
3. Hang out with my brother

Should be a rocking' good time (pun intended for the real blog readers), so I prob. will not be updating my blog very often. Massive recaps when I get back to the stupid city later on next week. Ohh and Grossman got hurt, imagine that. Let the Kyle Orton era begin in chicago. I still think he's going to be the next Montanna. Seriously, though, the Bears had no back up plan again this year for a meltdown. They deserve to suck. Latro'

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Devin Davis

Devin Davis is a multitalented lad from Chicago, whose new album "Lonley People of the World Unite!" is an ode to loneliness in the same way that Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs" is an ode to love, well, according to him, anyway. I call Davis multitalented because he, literally, recorded, produced, and bottled his sole into this album, and that production gave us a pretty solid look into a sad, sad guy. Scattered with horns, steel guitars, and other obscure Andrew Bird-esque instruments, Davis' material bleeds loneliness and it is pretty clear that he spent more than enough time working on his "masterpiece" (read: 2 years). With witty lyrics and catchy hooks, Davis does a good job of storytelling, even when his characters make pilgramages to obscure, far off places like a Starbucks on top of Mt. Everest. He keeps even the most ADD stricken listeners happy with zero breaks between songs and a total running time of a whopping 36 minutes. Think Dylan/Neutral Milk/Andrew Bird/Ryan Adams (Cold Roses)/60's Rock, whatever, it's great shit. With Davis, Bird, and the suburban superstars The Redwalls running around the world, Chicago is back on my map, Canada be damned.

Devin Davis - Iron Woman
Devin Davis - Turtle and the Fightless Bird
Devin Davis - Deserted Eyeland

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and Rufus Wainwright

Oh yah. I'm going to see, get this: Ben Folds, Ben Lee, and Rufus Wainwright tonight at the Ravinia here is Chicago. Should kick ass...the show that is. Ohh, and you can bring your own booze to the show, so Mere and I have a couple bottles of wine all lined up for the festivities. Can't wait. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Ben Lee out of the three, well because I've never seen him, and because I really like his new album
Awake is the New Sleep. Title aside, it's a good, powerful album.

I did a race last night in Matteson, Il. It was hella, yulp I said hella, fun. Raced really hard and ended up getting 3rd in the Cat 3/4 race. The two guys that beat me were two college aged kids (ha, kids) and they were definatley in a little better shape than I was. All things considered, for my first race of the year (in friggin' august for gods sake) I kicked some serious ass. I was in a pain closet for about 2 hours, though and I'm paying for it today. To make matters worse, I had to get up at like 6 A.M. to drive ~90 miles to pick up some teeth from this baller dentists south of the city this morning. Blah, I'm tired, but it was worth it. The growth in the South/West suburbs here is endless. Maybe it's just me, but all of these "luxury single family homes" make me puke. Call them McMansions, whatever, not for me. I'm going to the cubs game this afternoon, to laugh at them, ovbs., so hopefully some booze can cure my tiredness. Lance Armstrong in the mother fuckin' hizzy.
Ben Folds Five - Fair (genius sheez)
Ben Folds - Annie Waits
Ben Folds - Late(live)
Ben Folds - Philosophy(live)
Ben Folds - Zak and Sara(live)

Ben Lee - Float On
Ben Lee - Gamble Everything for Love (Live at the Knitting Factory)
Ben Lee - Cigarettes Will Kill you (Live at the Knitting Factory)
Ben Lee - We're All in this Together (Live at the Knitting Factory)

Rufus Wainwright - Halajewyah
Rufus Wainwright - Instant Pleasure
Rufus Wainwright - I Don't Know What it Is
Rufus Wainwright - Pretty Things

Added Bonus (sans show):
Doves -. There Goes The Fear (King Crimson)
Doves - The Sulphur Man

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Licks

I need to go see more Chicago bands. Period. I found out about these guys a few months ago and really dig what they're doing. I'm not a big name dropper, but if you are, then read the bio. It's hippie jam/rock/whatever. I like it. I think you might like it also, so check out Chicago's own The Licks:

(Via their website)
Having recently released their debut CD “It was a year ago this Monday” the Licks are teasing their way through the midwest. The CD, featuring all-star guests from the current jamband kings - Umphrey’s Mcgee and Chicago’s hottest soul-funk band – Bumpus, is a fresh dose of sweet sounds and fiery passion.

Formed in 2003 with the stars and planets aligned, the Licks have taken Chicago by storm with their raw talent. They’ve set out to fill a niche in the JamBand scene that seemed to be lacking focus and soul. Blake Sereno, stolen from the Chicago theatre scene, brings his charisma and raw, unabated voice to the likes of Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and Chris Robinson. Paul Losoff, a classical guitar prodigy turned reggae all-star, fulfills childhood echoes of Jimmy Page, Trey Anastasio and Eric Clapton. Backed by Tim Gavin, and Andy Sviatko, and Joe Van Der Bosch a rhythm section that Paul revitalized from their previous prog-rock days, the Licks bring forth a unique source of high energy, explosive soul rock and roll.

The Licks - Big Train
The Licks - Roundabout (Highly reco'd)

Superbowl Shuffle and Couscous is "indie food"

Did I tell you that Kyle Orton would run it last night, or what? The Orton/Mark Bradley combo might get a little more playing time later on in the season when everyone starts to get hurt like last year. Write it down.

I'm in the mood for some hippie/jam band stuff today so dig on....friends..

Karl Denson - Fallin'
Bella Fleck - Spain
Goverment Mule - Tom Thumb

Monday, August 08, 2005

More about Piece

I've been thinking about having a nice beer all day. It was hot on my ride and I got a ton of stuff done around the apartment, so it's brew time. I was really impressed Piece's beer. Check them out here. Can't get it at the store, so it's Goose Island Summertime for me during this evening of freedom. Cheers!

Illinois is ruralism. Hooray Ruralism!

"Who doesn't love S. Illinois?"

What more can you say about Illinois that hasn't allready been said? Some would argue that Illinois the best state in the US 9 months of the year. We've got a big ass city, loads of corn, and some pretty damn good music. Chicago, which I shouldn't have to elaborate on but I will, is birthplace of the Smashing Pumpkins and Buddy Guy, you know the usuals, loads of indie shit, house or some techno'ie music that I should know about, whatever, that stuff blows, and char' broiled cheddar dogs. Chicago owns. You're jealous because ole' captain Sufjan Stevens did an album about our great state, and you're even more jealous because we can claim Wilco as our own. I have lived in Missouri and Indiana for brief periods of time, and Illinois trumps both of those states. Hands down. Ohio is poor, Pennsylvania is rusted out, Iowa is full of hicks, and Kentucky people sleep with their siblings. So, it's safe to say that Illinois pretty much dominates the midwest.

I'm originally from S. Illinois (south of Champaign for my Chicago readers). The area only produces corn, dentists, and apparently genius musical talent. Folk, country, alternative, whatever, we got it. You love Wilco, I love Wilco, they're good. You like Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo (see yesterdays post). Tough and Cool. Did drugs, made awesome albums, sobered up and still made awesome albums. That is dedication folks. Mere's boss (small firm, holla) has a son who plays in an 8 year old band with Tweedy's son, all suburban father style, so maybe, just maybe, good old Yellow Country might get to share a beer with the man. I'm sure he's an ass, but we can dream, can't we.

Belleville, Il, who would have thought:

Belleville, IL, high school friends Tweedy and Farrar started Uncle Tupelo as the Primitives in St. Louis in the mid-'80s. After a run of four albums (including their seminal debut, No Depression), Farrar abruptly quit in 1994 and started Son Volt, who continued Tupelo's spirit of moody and rousing ruralism. Tweedy and the remaining Tupelo members picked up as Wilco. With that group, Tweedy would permanently lay to rest the impression that Farrar had been the sole, dark genius of Uncle Tupelo. (In fact, one theory holds that Farrar disintegrated the group because he was threatened by Tweedy's burgeoning creative role.)

The rest is history.

Wilco - Poor Places
Wilco - Hummingbird
Wilco -_Heavy_Metal_Drummer
This dude I hang around with sometimes, Sasha was busting my ass the other night because I would rather see Juan Pierre in Center field here in Chicago instead of Johnny Damon. I know Damon has better numbers, but for $12 mill a year, I'd rather see Piere running around at the lead off. That lead me to Albert vs. Derek this summer. Who's having the better year? I think Pujols is going to be in the running for the triple crown and Lee will not. Disagree, welp, then you're wrong. I give the defensive advantage to Lee (now), but in two years things will be different. Pujols is going to, eventually, win a gold glove at first...just wait. A lot of people give Lee so much credit for being a fast first baseman. Pujols has one less stolen base, so the guy does it all. We'll revisit this match up weekly until the end of the year (August for the Cubs and October for the Cardinals), so keep up.

Who's the man?


Average: .343
Home Runs: 31
RBIs: 89
Runs: 95
SB: 11
Class Points: 100
Injury Bug: 0

Average: .350
Home Runs: 33
RBIs: 84
Runs: 84
SB: 12

Class Points: 50 (the guy hangs out at Rockit, lol)
Injury bug: 1

In the real competition, it looks like a wash if you throw out stolen bases, which I am. Neither stud is a runner, so if you wanna argue over one stolen base, leave my blog, now. I'm serious, get off my blog. Otherwise it's a lot of:atta boys for Pujols, Pujols takes the lead 4-3. Granted some of these categories are made up and totally subjective, but just try to argue that I'm wrong. Try it. Right below, you know where to click wise guy.