Saturday, July 23, 2005

Of Montreal and Lollapalozza..

I seriously missed the boat on Of Montreal, via Canada, of course. I got their album a few months ago and passivly listened to it maybe, ohh lets say twice. My first impression consisted of: "ohh these guys are a total talking heads rip offs, lets move on..." Then yesterday, while I was sitting in a 5 hour lecture on dentures (zzzz) presented by some of my classmates who barely speak competent english, I threw on their album (in only one headphone, listening to music in two would just be rude) and go through it three straight times. Brilliant, redonk stuff. It is Talking Headsish, but the lyrics are witty and the band isn't overly whinny like some of the "intellectual" rock that i've been checking out as of late. Highly, Highly recomended. Just give it a little time to grown on you. Ohh and the band has a list of mp3's to download on their website, coool....indeed...

Of Montreal - Requiem For OMM2
Of Montreal - Pancakes
Of Montreal - Know your Onion! (Shins Cover)
Of Montreal - Easy to Sleep
Of Montreal - Lysergic

Long ride for me today, only two more tour stages to go (cry) and some work on a powerpoint presentation on the amazingness that is the posterior palatal seal denture style.... moving tommorow! Ohh and I might head down to lollapalozza for free....we'll see about that one, though.


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