Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lollapalooza, more like Hollapalooza!

Since I can’t seem to get any pictures around here, I’m going to try and update my blog Lollapalooza style to the best of my ability. We’ll start out in the afternoon. Mere and I left my place around 11:00 and got downtown exactly in time for the Saul Williams set…that’s where we’ll start:

Saul Williams (A-)
I’ve never really heard any of his music other than Black Stacey, of course, but my buddy Scott, a huge underground rap fan, said he would pay $60 just to see Williams. So, MGH and I went to the show. He is very, very talented. Mere thought he was a little angry in an urban-african way, but I really enjoyed the show. For a large part of the set he did his spoken word/poetry thing (which I enjoyed immensely) and then Butterfly from the newly re-united Digabable Plantes joined him on stage and the two of them killed it together. Good show.

Blue Merle (B+)
These guys have the look, they’re from Nashville, touring with Dave Matthews, you get the idea. Not sure if they are going to be HUGE, but I dig what they do. Lots of violin solos which were rad, and the lead singer has some serious charisma going on. Little too Chris Martinish at times, but he is a joy to watch. We were front row for the show and I really, really wish I had a digital camera for the show. Their vocals were a little off, but all in all it was a good time. Check them out if you haven’t already.

We actually skipped Tegan and Sara, caught a little Satellite party (which sounded pretty cool, I’ll have to check them out latro) and made it back for the Ben Kweller show.

Ben Kweller (B)
He is getting older, yes. The last time I saw him was at Bonnaroo, of all places, three years ago. I thought he was more fun then, little less rock, more pop….he rocks now, though. His band was solid and it seemed like he had a pretty big following..

Arcade Fire (A++)

WOW, what a show. They killed it, the whole thing… Genius stuff live. The Freedom Horn owns. Mere and I were about 20 rows back and I think they had the biggest crowd of the day…I bet it was 110 degrees on the floor for their show, whatever it was awesome. Perry even led them onstage, big stuff that band, big stuff.

Spoon (C)
I wasn’t in to the show like I thought I would be. I was really looking forward to seeing them for the first time, too. Little disappointed with their energy… You snooze you lose, well I’ve snost and lost.

Panic (B)
Never disappoint. Not very many hippies at the show, though… saw zero hula-hoops.

Killers (F)
Left their show after ten minutes, GOD those guys suck. I can’t believe I used to really dig that album….blah, big blah.

Dandy Warhols (B-)
Good stuff, little loopy at the time, Anton and Matt from Brian Jonestown Masacre joined them on stage, which was cool, but I was sooo tired at that point that I hardly cared.

Apparently Mere and I missed out on Dave Matthews Band. Normally I would have stuck around to see what they had to offer, but she and I were soo tired and nasty that we just wanted to go home and make some soup and pass out. It’s Tuesday, now, and I’m still paying for the craziness. All in all very worth the $0 I paid for my ticket. Mere and I had a great time and it couldn’t have been better.


Blogger Chris said...

nice recap! i can't believe i missed butterfly w/ saul williams, i caught his first couple songs then went to eat or something. dammit.

9:04 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

thanks chris, dig your blog. It was dope...my gf didn't really care for it, tough :(

12:05 PM  

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