Saturday, July 16, 2005

Death From Above - Intonation

"Yah, I've like totally got a level four dungeon master..."

Toronto-based noise-rock duo Death From Above 1979 sound like they are disaffected rockers, which I'm sure they are, who enjoy speed drugs (really bad for your teeeth, btw), which I'm sure they do. Their second album, You�re A Woman, I�m A Machine, was solid in a Franz Ferdinand - Killers sort of way, and slightly harder. I'm looking forward to seeing them tonight. Campus radio nerds and balls-to-the-walls rockers love them for their "growling minimalism and danceable nastiness," I'll love them because they go on before Tortoise. Either way, today should be a ton of fun. They're selling water for $1.00 at the venue and you're allowed to bring in two sealed bottles of water. Who does that? Definitely not Lollapalooza, schmucks. .
Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
Buy it here for less than $1.oo!
Desce' interview via some brittish rag.

Haven't really been updating my training log here too often, but I've been riding ALOT when I get the chance, and running when I don't have time to ride. Rode with two Cat I/II's on Thursday night, went through a suffer fest of pain for about two and a half hours. I kept up well, though, and I'm getting back in like real shape. I haven't had time to really race as much as I'd like, but I'm going to see Kyle (my twin in NC) in a few weeks and I'm doing nothing but riding my bike and yelling at stupid southerners. More tomorrow!


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