Friday, July 29, 2005

Cyling news

"Yah I can hit up Spanish Chicas... now get me some vodka, sloot"
Vino is heading to Liberty Siguros, good fit. He's a beast and they have a bunch of sissy spaniard climbers that he can boss around.
Why can't the Euros just get off of Armstron's noots?

Speaking of boring Armstrong news, when will this stuff ever stop. It's getting old. Everyone has a book to write, and wants some scrill. Maybe I'll write a book.

Tommy boy is starting to get some press after the Tour De Georgia win. Kid's going to be the bomb in 3-4 years...prove me wrong, I dare you.

Check this out. Guy rode little 500 at Indiana, was super good, now he's talking about cycling, because that is what you do when you're really good. I talk about teeth.

Now for some Interpol via their German website. Have a great weekend, I'm moving so probably limited updates until next week. I hope you can survive.

Interpol - Cubed
Interpol - Mascara
Interpol - Cutthroat
Interpol - Interlude

Japan in the mfn' hizzy.


Anonymous joe said...

could you PLEASE send me cutthroat, my email is and my screename is younecornz

i have stuff to trade!!

8:08 PM  

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