Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chris Clouse

Remember the first time you heard Dave Matthews or John Mayer or Howie Day or insert singer/songwriter with accoustic guitar here, you get the idea? Remeber how much ass they kicked for the first few months you listened to their album? Welp, then you'll like Chris Clouse, a singer/songwriter from San Fransicso, who should be classified in the same mold as the formerly mentioned swooners. Very good, I like him, you should too. I'm not entirely sure how this album fell into my iPod, but I'm excited about it. Check out the bio and a few of his songs. His album is titled Trace Elements which I think is pretty cool in a ubber nerdy way. Not

Somewhere between the sweet and sour, the joy and angst, a whisper and a yell lies the honest music of CLOUSE. Walking the line between folk and rock, CLOUSE's front man Chris Clouse has re-invented the singer-songwriter with a Live inspired voice, an elaborate acoustic style reminiscent of Dave Matthews, and innovative guitar tones that mimic electronic music. Listeners often find it difficult to believe so many different layers of sound can be coming from one person. Chris then conveys lyrics that are radiant and relatable to anyone who recognizes the simple complexities in life.

Chris Clouse's background makes it difficult to not to have an original sound. At the age of six he began playing the fiddle and entering competitions near his home in Spokane, WA. By the time he was thirteen he had become a two-time Washington State Fiddle Champion and had won second place in the National Old-time Fiddle Contest, earning him an article next to Tiger Woods in National Geographic's World Magazine. Through high school Chris fronted the country band Homeward Bound playing guitar and performing his songs on major stages throughout the Northwest. He shared the stage with acts such as Johnny Cash, Clay Walker, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Ricky Skaggs, just to name a few. After finishing college in Nashville, TN in 1998 and pursuing label interest, Chris' musical style changed with the songs he was writing. He formed the rock band Roadside Crier that received local power - station airplay and performed at Nashville hot spots such as Wolfy's, Gibson Café, and the Belmont Theatre.

Now Chris Clouse is based in the west and is tearing up the music scene in California both solo and with his band of star musicians. Backing Chris' animated acoustic guitar is a melodic/funky bass, a hard-hitting vibrant beat, and a rich electric guitar that molds it all together. CLOUSE combines the innovations of modern rock and house music with a pop sensibility that maintains its folk roots, creating a sound and rhythmic groove rarely heard on the West Coast. "We get a lot of the bands that play before or after us watching in awe of the band, and that means a lot," remarks Chris. This band isn't happy with just playing their songs or instruments well; they create an infectious atmosphere and unique energy when they perform. They captivate every stage they stand on, inviting the audience into their space, and they haven't found anyone who doesn't feel welcome.

(From his album Trace Elements)

Chris Clouse - That Far Down
Chris Clouse - Living a Lie
Chris Clouse - Trace Elements


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