Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ohh free internet biotch!

I love Ryan Adams' Cold Roses. Love it. If you cut out say 6-10 songs, it's wonderful the whole way through. Here is the shortened, awesome version.
Ryan Adams - Mangolia Mountain
Ryan Adams - Cherry Lane
Ryan Adams - Easy Plateau
Ryan Adams - Let It Ride
Ryan Adams - Cold Roses
Ryan Adams - Dance All Night
Ryan Adams - Life Is Beautiful

There you have it, the seven song EP that it should have been.

Updates tom. about my move and my new place, until then i'm friggin' swamped.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Cyling news

"Yah I can hit up Spanish Chicas... now get me some vodka, sloot"
Vino is heading to Liberty Siguros, good fit. He's a beast and they have a bunch of sissy spaniard climbers that he can boss around.
Why can't the Euros just get off of Armstron's noots?

Speaking of boring Armstrong news, when will this stuff ever stop. It's getting old. Everyone has a book to write, and wants some scrill. Maybe I'll write a book.

Tommy boy is starting to get some press after the Tour De Georgia win. Kid's going to be the bomb in 3-4 years...prove me wrong, I dare you.

Check this out. Guy rode little 500 at Indiana, was super good, now he's talking about cycling, because that is what you do when you're really good. I talk about teeth.

Now for some Interpol via their German website. Have a great weekend, I'm moving so probably limited updates until next week. I hope you can survive.

Interpol - Cubed
Interpol - Mascara
Interpol - Cutthroat
Interpol - Interlude

Japan in the mfn' hizzy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Happy Ragu Friday

Rap Friday is old. It's all about raggae Friday, now. Get on board beeatches.
Jimmy_Cliff - I_Can_See Clearly
MC - Reggae
Bob Marley - Could you be loved
Bob Marley - Three little birds

Little more jammish:
Moe. - Faker (live)
Moe. - Kyle (Cheers to my bro for hooking up the sweet header)
Drive By Truckers - Too Much Sex(Too little Jesus)
Guster - The Captain (New Guster, ahh...umm lemme' know what you think)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Damn I was super sick... Blue Merle

So left school yesterday early and had the worst ride home ever. I was sweating, shivering, and just generally sick. I went to bed at 5 P.M. yesterday and just got up at 8 A.M. That sheets are soaked with sweat....I think Lollapalooza might be at faulth here....ohh well, today is a new day. Exam today and tom. and then i'm moving (finally)

Mere and I caught Blue Merle (as discussed below) at flu inducing Lollapalooza. It took a little talking into, if you follow my drift, for me to miss Kasabian. But it was well worth it. Cool band I'll definitely try to see a few more times. Even though they take cheesetastic band pictures, they reminded me of another Nashville band that I listened to a little back in the day by the name of Llama. Ohh me some llama.... They do a pretty cool Psycho Killer cover, if you like violins. I like violins. Little live Merle for my homeboy scrilla c, where's your underground hip hop blog.

Blue Merle - Boxcar Racer
Blue Merle - Psycho Killer (Talking Heads)
Blue Merle - Places
Blue Merle - Burning in the Sun

Quick one...

Quick update before I settle in for the night on a pathology paper on Alzheimer's Disease or AD for those in the know. Interesting topic, but I'm so done with writting papers that it's almost methodical at this point. Also, I finally figured out how to take off the membership required function for replies, so feel free to drop me a line. I'm beginning to check this thing more than I check my email. I'm up to over 100 views per day now, so that's rad. Certainly worthy of a mfn' Slamma lamma Ding Dong! Speaking of which, I bet you a six pack of hooche that the cardinals sweep the holly fathers this week...

Stella, not funny.

Just like the Sudoku puzzle, these songs just might fight off Alzheimer's Disease. Ok, yah prob not, but they're desce' very desce'.

Devendra Banhart - REJ
Decemberists - Sickness (Donner Party)
My Morning Jacket - Off The Record
Mountain Goats - The Sign
Mountain Goats - Pet Politics (silver jews cover)

Lollapalooza, more like Hollapalooza!

Since I can’t seem to get any pictures around here, I’m going to try and update my blog Lollapalooza style to the best of my ability. We’ll start out in the afternoon. Mere and I left my place around 11:00 and got downtown exactly in time for the Saul Williams set…that’s where we’ll start:

Saul Williams (A-)
I’ve never really heard any of his music other than Black Stacey, of course, but my buddy Scott, a huge underground rap fan, said he would pay $60 just to see Williams. So, MGH and I went to the show. He is very, very talented. Mere thought he was a little angry in an urban-african way, but I really enjoyed the show. For a large part of the set he did his spoken word/poetry thing (which I enjoyed immensely) and then Butterfly from the newly re-united Digabable Plantes joined him on stage and the two of them killed it together. Good show.

Blue Merle (B+)
These guys have the look, they’re from Nashville, touring with Dave Matthews, you get the idea. Not sure if they are going to be HUGE, but I dig what they do. Lots of violin solos which were rad, and the lead singer has some serious charisma going on. Little too Chris Martinish at times, but he is a joy to watch. We were front row for the show and I really, really wish I had a digital camera for the show. Their vocals were a little off, but all in all it was a good time. Check them out if you haven’t already.

We actually skipped Tegan and Sara, caught a little Satellite party (which sounded pretty cool, I’ll have to check them out latro) and made it back for the Ben Kweller show.

Ben Kweller (B)
He is getting older, yes. The last time I saw him was at Bonnaroo, of all places, three years ago. I thought he was more fun then, little less rock, more pop….he rocks now, though. His band was solid and it seemed like he had a pretty big following..

Arcade Fire (A++)

WOW, what a show. They killed it, the whole thing… Genius stuff live. The Freedom Horn owns. Mere and I were about 20 rows back and I think they had the biggest crowd of the day…I bet it was 110 degrees on the floor for their show, whatever it was awesome. Perry even led them onstage, big stuff that band, big stuff.

Spoon (C)
I wasn’t in to the show like I thought I would be. I was really looking forward to seeing them for the first time, too. Little disappointed with their energy… You snooze you lose, well I’ve snost and lost.

Panic (B)
Never disappoint. Not very many hippies at the show, though… saw zero hula-hoops.

Killers (F)
Left their show after ten minutes, GOD those guys suck. I can’t believe I used to really dig that album….blah, big blah.

Dandy Warhols (B-)
Good stuff, little loopy at the time, Anton and Matt from Brian Jonestown Masacre joined them on stage, which was cool, but I was sooo tired at that point that I hardly cared.

Apparently Mere and I missed out on Dave Matthews Band. Normally I would have stuck around to see what they had to offer, but she and I were soo tired and nasty that we just wanted to go home and make some soup and pass out. It’s Tuesday, now, and I’m still paying for the craziness. All in all very worth the $0 I paid for my ticket. Mere and I had a great time and it couldn’t have been better.

Man, I hate the Cubs

Kevin over at So Much Silence got me in a sports mood this morning, so lets rip on the Cubs, heh? I live 0.5 miles away from Wrigley field, so naturally I hate the Chicago Cubs more than anything. Their fans are obnoxious, drunk, and out of the 99 other dental students I see daily, 65 are probably Cubs fans. The other 30+ are foreign trained dentists and aren't too hip to the idea of baseball.... Either way, it sucks. My beloved St. Louis Cardinals lost two (with a split squad, nonetheless) to the Cubs last weekend and I've been getting massive amounts of shit at school in regards the whole thing. My reply: "Nefi Perez hit a grandslam for Gods sake..." The common dental student's reply: "uhh oh yah, know anything about those pathology papers coming up..." You get the idea.... Not only are Cubs fans dense, they are idiots, too. So here's to you Cubs fan, may you burn in hell and watch the Cardinals in the playoffs. Albert Pujols for MVP!

Why is ESPN doing this 50 states in 50 days thing, it sucks, espn sucks anymore, and the majority of their anchors are annoying and loud. Long live sportsline and yahoo sports. I'm not really sure what to do with myself, or my blog for that matter, now that the Tour is over. I made a powerpoint presentation for one of my groups at D-school (lame as denture presentation) and put 4 pics of lance in there along with the bunny/pancake picture made famous on every message board in the world. Ohh man, it killed. OK, that's a lie, but I really enjoyed it, and my friends thought it was funny, so anal dental professors be damned, it owned.

Speaking of sports, this Ricky Williams shizz is hillarious. Guy is a total head, yoga instructor (WTF) and he's going to get 6+ mill this year to run around behind Ronny bait.

I've got a few emails from "hipsters" about my post calling them fake hippies. Blah.. "Hey man, that's not cool" (think nerdy, high school voice) is the most common reply. Well, whatever, it's a joke, oh and it's my don't want a blog war, nerds.

Mere and I went to Lollapalooza, as I blogged about earlier, she'll have a few pictures set up for us tonight. For the two shows we were literally front row for (Saul Williams and Blue Merle) I didn't have a camera, ass, but I got a couple cool pictures of the two of us and a groovy one of the Dandy Warhols, who might have had the most cracked out crowd of any band there. Did they like pass out some H before the show, because there were a lot of old, dirty, f-ed up people there....nothing like the crowd for The Arcade Fire, who put on the best show of the day...more updates tonight...with pictures and music, hopefully.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Supergrass, the band silly...

I've never been a HUGE fan of Supergrass. With that said, their new album owns. I guarantee it'll be on every hipster's iPod in a little over a month when it drops on August heard it here first kids....

Supergrass - Tales of Endurance(parts_4_5_and_6)
Supergrass - Road to Rouen
Supergrass - Kick in the teeth
Supergrass - Fin.
UK pressing. The brand new sounds of Supergrass's fifth record might frighten the timid, unadventurous types who think Supergrass should still be doing buzzsaw pop, ten years after they (re)invented the form with I Should Coco. With their new album they have made a record that is utterly, intriguingly, brilliantly different. Road To Rouen is about a journey; going places, moving on and growing up. ''We've had some trying times over the last couple of years'', reflects Gaz hesitantly, ''And it changes the way you do things. It changed the way I wrote songs.'' A decade on, Road to Rouen signals the beginning of a new chapter for Supergrass. Ghosts of the past have been exorcised and (sort of) laid to rest: Supergrass are ready to face their future. Road to Rouen demonstrates an amazing development in their sound, firmly shaking off the old frivolous and cheeky image. The album is packed with ideas and there are surprises at every turn. In a very good way, it's all over the place. A zither, a ukulele, Led Zep-style psychedelic-folk, brass, strings, the model of drum machine used by Sly & The Family Stone - all these are on Road To Rouen. EMI. 2005.

Lemme' know what ya'll think.

Of Montreal and Lollapalozza..

I seriously missed the boat on Of Montreal, via Canada, of course. I got their album a few months ago and passivly listened to it maybe, ohh lets say twice. My first impression consisted of: "ohh these guys are a total talking heads rip offs, lets move on..." Then yesterday, while I was sitting in a 5 hour lecture on dentures (zzzz) presented by some of my classmates who barely speak competent english, I threw on their album (in only one headphone, listening to music in two would just be rude) and go through it three straight times. Brilliant, redonk stuff. It is Talking Headsish, but the lyrics are witty and the band isn't overly whinny like some of the "intellectual" rock that i've been checking out as of late. Highly, Highly recomended. Just give it a little time to grown on you. Ohh and the band has a list of mp3's to download on their website, coool....indeed...

Of Montreal - Requiem For OMM2
Of Montreal - Pancakes
Of Montreal - Know your Onion! (Shins Cover)
Of Montreal - Easy to Sleep
Of Montreal - Lysergic

Long ride for me today, only two more tour stages to go (cry) and some work on a powerpoint presentation on the amazingness that is the posterior palatal seal denture style.... moving tommorow! Ohh and I might head down to lollapalozza for free....we'll see about that one, though.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hipsters, this if for you....fake hippie

"Me, oh yah I read Nietzsche, whatever"

Since my last post wasn't hip enough, I thought I'd throw up a few more songs that I've been rocking out to all day. Now, for the hipsters. I don't really care for you. At Intonation last weekend, everyone stared at me because presumably I was a "yuppie" and didn't have some catch-phrase t-shirt on spouting off about listening to emo music or some shit, not that that is horrible. I just think that hipsters are "intellectual" hippies who read books and complain about everything...whatever. I ride a single speed, stop giving me a hard time.
Ryan Adams - La Cienga Just Smiled
Stephen Malkmus - Church on White
Jeff Buckley - MojoPin
Devendra Banhart - When They Come

This post brought to you by.....

(Pimp Juice)

The Tour is pretty much over, I'm moving into a new place this weekend! And the cardinals/cubs start a series today! Sounds like a good mix to me. Can't wait for my two week break in, well, two weeks. Since I'm moving to what some might call the "ghetto" on sunday (it's really not that bad, just a little under developed and a little poverty stricken, whatever it's closer to school) I thought a Friday Rap Update was in store. Have a great weekend. I'm prob. not going to blog alot so throw up some messages if your readin' this....yo! *I'm soo white*

The Streets - Fit But You Know It
50 Cent - Just A Little Bit
Ciara feat. Ludacris - Oh
Dr. Dre - Detox - Cops
Lil_Flip - What_I_Been_Through
Mike_Jones - Back_Then
Missy_Elliott - Bad_Man_(with_Vybez_Cartel_and_MIA)
R. Kelly with The Game - Playa's Only
Snoop Dogg with Justin Timberlake - Signs
Three 6 Mafia - Who Run It
Ying Yang Twins with Mike Jones - Badd
Ying Yang Twins - Wisper in your ear


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

When it rains it pours....

Rolling Stone really liked Feist's new album:

With a career history that includes stints with Peaches, Broken Social Scene and Kings of Convenience, Canada's Lesley Feist brings uncommon breadth and individuality to the swoony indie lounge pop of her U.S. debut. Her hushed croon evokes the jazz tingle of Peggy Lee and her melodicism hearkens back to Tin Pan Alley, but Feist proves she's a modern gal with a sparse yet varied sound that draws from chamber pop, chill-out, postmodern folk, Burt Bacharach and beyond. Feist's own songs on the disc's first half segue imperceptibly into a string of well-chosen cover tunes that confirm her nuanced good taste, particularly as she gently renders Ron Sexsmith's "Secret Heart" and the Bee Gees' "Love You Inside Out" as if they were penned by the same lovesick soul: herself.
Feist - That Girl _Live_.mp3

I had a good day. I sat in a small room for six hours and moved around denture teeth a rim of wax. Man it was awesome. I did get a nice commute in tonight and got rained on twice on the way home....when it rains it pours:
Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
The Shins - When I Goosestep
Kings of Leon - The Bucket
System of a Down - Violent_Pornography
System of a Down - Old_School_Hollywood

Monday, July 18, 2005

It's time for a bike rant....

If you own this bike, I have your pride.

So today I go on a training ride. That's cool, all is well, until i get to the lakeshore. Man, I hate the lakeshore. If there isn't a pot hole every ten feet, there is a gap in the pavement and my headset is totally gnarlled. To add insult to injury, my rear wheel is un-true, again for the second time this month. Normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but it's like flippin $40 to get it trued in Chicago, and all of the local shops are full of a-hole bike mechanics who are too cool to help out some yuppie like myself. Great, when they need dental work someday, they better not come to my office, or i'll act all superior. I did pass, no make that drop, some 20-something guy on a $3K Cerevelo TT bike today going into the wind. The dude thought he was tough and tried to grab my wheel, so I dropped the hammer and made him look foolish. Nice, I love sticking it to jerks on their souped out bikes. Most of them are horrible riders and have these ubber-nice bikes because they are traders or some shit, whatever... Today was a long day. Here are some songs.
Fountains_of_wayne - shes_got_a_problem_(live)
Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
AC Newman - Miracle Drug
Van Morrison - Now I Got A Woman
Beck - Black Tambourine
Decemberists - Nobody's Home (Pink Floyd Cover)
Weezer - Hold Me

Back to school....back to school...

So this is my first real week back to school and I hate it. Seriously, it's not that bad, but I like to complain about it, to everyone. Taking the bus is becoming a major chore, and I can't wait to move closer to school in the fall. Only two more weeks! Only three more weeks left in the summer ses', too!

From CNN, WTF?
"Rove told the grand jury that by the time Novak had called him, he believes he had similar information about Wilson's wife from another member of the news media but he could not recall which reporter had told him about it first, the person said."

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Big George with the WIN!!!!

George Hincapie, aka Big George (pictured above) won the hardest stage in the tour today, and what an amazing ride it was. I didn't catch the live feed on OLN this morning (little case of "dysentery" via some Mexican food from last night) but from the velo news schpeal, it sounds like he had one heck of a ride. Congrats to him, he's always been a great teammate for Armstrong, and it's nice to see him take a HUGE stage at the tour. Discovery is going to run away with the race.

Was great. Broken Social Scene completely sucked, though. The male lead singer kept rambling on about some a-hole cops in New York, and how they busted their producer for trying to buy drugs. Great, now play music. The Go! Team was probably my favorite show of the day. At the end of their set (ala Panther Dash, I think) they brought a group of local little kids on stage and they danced along with the band for almost fifteen minutes. Hilarious stuff. I found it especially cool, considering that I go to school no more than a mile south of the park where these kids hang out and a lot of them were similar to the patients I'll begin seeing later on this year. If my patients can dance like those kids did, then everything will be cool. Prefuse 73 surprised the hell out of me. I thought that I would hate their drum/base sample, sans lyrics style, but it was great. Cool show, also. Skipped golf this morning (rut roo) so that I could set some denture teeth all day. It's going to suck, but I'll rock the iPod and just throw them in there. Fun stuff, dentures and all.

Prefuse 73 - Hide Ya Face
The Books - Enjoy Your Worries
Basement Jaxx - Lucky Star
Caribou - Brahminy Kite
Four Tet - Spirit Fingers

Pitchfork didn't give Son Volt's new album Okemah and the Melody Riot the best review. I think it's very good, but I've only listened to it a couple of times.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Death From Above - Intonation

"Yah, I've like totally got a level four dungeon master..."

Toronto-based noise-rock duo Death From Above 1979 sound like they are disaffected rockers, which I'm sure they are, who enjoy speed drugs (really bad for your teeeth, btw), which I'm sure they do. Their second album, You�re A Woman, I�m A Machine, was solid in a Franz Ferdinand - Killers sort of way, and slightly harder. I'm looking forward to seeing them tonight. Campus radio nerds and balls-to-the-walls rockers love them for their "growling minimalism and danceable nastiness," I'll love them because they go on before Tortoise. Either way, today should be a ton of fun. They're selling water for $1.00 at the venue and you're allowed to bring in two sealed bottles of water. Who does that? Definitely not Lollapalooza, schmucks. .
Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
Buy it here for less than $1.oo!
Desce' interview via some brittish rag.

Haven't really been updating my training log here too often, but I've been riding ALOT when I get the chance, and running when I don't have time to ride. Rode with two Cat I/II's on Thursday night, went through a suffer fest of pain for about two and a half hours. I kept up well, though, and I'm getting back in like real shape. I haven't had time to really race as much as I'd like, but I'm going to see Kyle (my twin in NC) in a few weeks and I'm doing nothing but riding my bike and yelling at stupid southerners. More tomorrow!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back Again, Riggity Rap Fo' Friday

Who is Mike Jones?

From what I hear, Mike Jones is really big in the South. Go figure. So back again is the Friday - Super Rap update. Only one more day until Intonation, and apparently the concert is only a mile away from my Dental School. I'll update Sunday with thoughts from the show...until then have a great weekend.

Common - Be
Too Many DJs - 50 Cent vs Aaliyah
Kanye West - Never Let Me Down
Kanye West - All Falls Down
Jay Z - Encore
Jay Z - Change clothes
The Game - Make It Clap
Nas - Bridging The Gap
Mike Jones - Dick Don't Fail Me Now
Outkast - Ghetto Musick
Outkast - Knowing
Afroman - Because I got high
Camron- feat. Luda - What Means the World(REMIX)
Nelly - Ballers

Chris Clouse

Remember the first time you heard Dave Matthews or John Mayer or Howie Day or insert singer/songwriter with accoustic guitar here, you get the idea? Remeber how much ass they kicked for the first few months you listened to their album? Welp, then you'll like Chris Clouse, a singer/songwriter from San Fransicso, who should be classified in the same mold as the formerly mentioned swooners. Very good, I like him, you should too. I'm not entirely sure how this album fell into my iPod, but I'm excited about it. Check out the bio and a few of his songs. His album is titled Trace Elements which I think is pretty cool in a ubber nerdy way. Not

Somewhere between the sweet and sour, the joy and angst, a whisper and a yell lies the honest music of CLOUSE. Walking the line between folk and rock, CLOUSE's front man Chris Clouse has re-invented the singer-songwriter with a Live inspired voice, an elaborate acoustic style reminiscent of Dave Matthews, and innovative guitar tones that mimic electronic music. Listeners often find it difficult to believe so many different layers of sound can be coming from one person. Chris then conveys lyrics that are radiant and relatable to anyone who recognizes the simple complexities in life.

Chris Clouse's background makes it difficult to not to have an original sound. At the age of six he began playing the fiddle and entering competitions near his home in Spokane, WA. By the time he was thirteen he had become a two-time Washington State Fiddle Champion and had won second place in the National Old-time Fiddle Contest, earning him an article next to Tiger Woods in National Geographic's World Magazine. Through high school Chris fronted the country band Homeward Bound playing guitar and performing his songs on major stages throughout the Northwest. He shared the stage with acts such as Johnny Cash, Clay Walker, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and Ricky Skaggs, just to name a few. After finishing college in Nashville, TN in 1998 and pursuing label interest, Chris' musical style changed with the songs he was writing. He formed the rock band Roadside Crier that received local power - station airplay and performed at Nashville hot spots such as Wolfy's, Gibson Café, and the Belmont Theatre.

Now Chris Clouse is based in the west and is tearing up the music scene in California both solo and with his band of star musicians. Backing Chris' animated acoustic guitar is a melodic/funky bass, a hard-hitting vibrant beat, and a rich electric guitar that molds it all together. CLOUSE combines the innovations of modern rock and house music with a pop sensibility that maintains its folk roots, creating a sound and rhythmic groove rarely heard on the West Coast. "We get a lot of the bands that play before or after us watching in awe of the band, and that means a lot," remarks Chris. This band isn't happy with just playing their songs or instruments well; they create an infectious atmosphere and unique energy when they perform. They captivate every stage they stand on, inviting the audience into their space, and they haven't found anyone who doesn't feel welcome.

(From his album Trace Elements)

Chris Clouse - That Far Down
Chris Clouse - Living a Lie
Chris Clouse - Trace Elements

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Chitown - Intonation: Sweet

The Intonation Music fest is this weekend and if you are not going, you are a looser. I'm only going to make it on Saturday (have to play golf on Sunday), should be super sweet. Looking forward to seeing The Go! Team and AC Newman, so rock! Enjoy my best music post, ever and check out some of the bands...

Decemberists - Engine Driver
Decemberists - Architect
Decemberists - The Soldiering Life
The Wrens - Everyone Chooses Sides
Tortoise - It's All Around You
Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights
Andrew Bird - A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left

Broken Social Scene Live at KVRX

Broken Social Scene (Live 1)
Broken Social Scene (Live 2)
Broken Social Scene (Live 3)
Broken Social Scene (Live 4)
Broken Social Scene (Live 5)

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My head and other things

My head has hurt all day. I'm getting older, and I can't drink like I did in my glory days, sooo I've been on the couch all day drinking gatorade and eating pasta. I've got another test on Thursday of this week and have to set a ton of denture teeth, asap...way behind there. But! Boards are over with and I think that I did fairly well. We'll see in 6-8 weeks, sucked....

Ron Artest is Ghetto, they didn't see this coming

The Discovery team looked very good today and Popovych, the heir apparent, dropped both of the T-Mobile superstars. Great race, too bad I had a headache for the whole thing.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I'm done...!!! Ohh Yah let the party begin!

Ohhh man, what a tough test. 
Most intense eight hours of testing I never plan on doing again.
Update more tomorrow, but there were a ton of Words and I took
a pounding. Ohh well, tonight I'm going to have Lips_Like_Sugar
and drink my weight in booze.

New podcast style

That is the race, right there.

If you don't have the new iTunes yet, go get it at After that, learn how to use the podcast function. It is great. Before the new version was released it was literally a pain in the ass to subscribe and listen to podcasts using the various worthless aggregators out there. Now, it's easy, fun, and free. All kinds of stuff out there. Neato. I spent the morning drinking coffee, studying a little material that I'm iffy on, and listening to podcasts. Easy like a Sunday morning, heh?

As pormised, here are a few Dropkick Murphy tracks from the new album. IFC ran a cool documentary on Punk music last night, these guys were definatley not mentioned, and it occured to me that Punk music was built on speed drugs and fell apart when heroine was introduced. Sad shit that punk music. Rockin bagpipes here though:

Dropkick Murphys - Sunshine Highway
Dropkick Murphys - The Warriors Code
Dropkick Murphys - The Green Fields of France
Dropkick Murphys - The Last Letter Home
Dropkick Murphys - Tessie

Intonation music fetivel next weekend. I think i'm going to try and find a way to go.....saaaweet! Test tommorow morning at 8 A.M. say a little prayer for me tonight. More tommorow, for sure.

Friday, July 08, 2005

I don't care if it rains or freezes as long as I've got my plastic Jesus

Man, somedays I wish I were Jack Johnson.
That would beat the hell out of being in Dental school.

Jack Johnson - Plastic Jesus/Fall Line
Jack Johnson - Free

Rigggity Rap fo' Friday

The Game - Westside Story
The Game - Hate It Or Love
The Game - Higher
The Game - We Ain't

Thursday, July 07, 2005

3 Days, Holler.

Only three more days until I take my big exam and then it'll be a little bit of the above. Not much time for music right now, but I've been listening to a lot of new albums at the library, so I'll be sure to super-post starting on Monday afternoon, con booze! Check out these Elliot Smith covers, super cool.

Joel Martin - Fond Farewell.mp3  
Christopher Bauer - Somebody's Baby.mp3
Use Any Door - Let's Get Lost.mp3
Chris Reynolds - Strung Out Again.mp3
Irving Kat - Punch and Judy.mp3

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Wow, seriously

Wow, Lance was fast today. Very impressive. Looks like the US is the new Tour De France super power. Take that Italy/Belgium/Spain!

Quick update, I'm working on some old board tests. 15 mile ride/6 mile run Things are nice here in Chicago, and I'm taking the evening off to go out and enjoy a few brews in celebration of the fourth. Hope you're having a good weekend.

Air - Californie
Pearl Jam - I am Mine
Violent Femmes - America is (Happy fourth!)

Friday, July 01, 2005

T-Minus 22 Hours and counting

The Boys are Back in Town!

Soooo Euro.

Wooot Woot! German Water!

Ahhh 77 degrees of awesomeness

Frank Black, frontman for the Pixies has a new album coming out July 19th, and from what I've heard it's not too bad. Little more mellow than the Pixies, and certainly no Come on Pilgrim , but still very good.

Frank Black- Go Find Your Saint
Frank Black - Honeycomb
Frank Black - I Burn Today
Frank Black - Highway to Lowdown

It's in the 70's here today and I'm celebrating with a little extended bike ride and another day at the library. It could be worse. MGH and myself are going to try to head down to the Taste of Chicagothis weekend, which should be cool. She doesn't like "ethnic" food, and I do, so it should be perfect. Steve Winwood plays tonight on the mainstage, ehh... I remeber a few years back catching Guster at the taste, what happened to that sheez? Few tasty' songs:

David Bowie - Running Gun Blues
Jack Johnson - Drink the Water
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - In this Home on Ice
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Upon this Tidal Wave