Sunday, June 26, 2005


Way to go Mike Davis. Great job. Can't land a kid who grew up around you, knows your son well, and lives an hour from the former hotbed of college basketball. Great.... Greg Oden leaves the state of Indiana to go to Columbus, OH. Your time is limited Mike Davis.... I'm bitter.

On a brighter note, I'm really into the clap your hands album and listened to it about 3 times yesterday on my ride. My favorite (along with everyone else) song on the album is My Yellow Country Teeth. Since I'm going to be a dentist (maybe, someday) from rural Illinois, I thought it was only fitting that I named my blog that for a while. Don't ask.

Massive study session on the horizon for today. I'm going to try to plug in 6-10 hours a day for two weeks and shut off the outside world. So, if you want to leave some feedback on the blog, that might be a great idea...I could use the support, learning about about the oral cavity and all ;)

Check out the Via the Ipod section. I'm back...all snazzy updated and shizz. Enjoy.

In the spirit of angry study man, a little Van Morrison:

Van Morrison - Celtic New Year
Van Morrison - Evening Train
Van Morrison - I'm Confessin'
Van Morrison - Magic Time


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