Monday, June 27, 2005

My brain hurts, seriously

Studied for 9.5 hours straight yesterday. My brain is a little groggy today, but I'm going to try and amp up my work ethic even more. Quick update to throw up some James Mercer, live. Found this little ditty over at the the torture garden and it's very similar to a show of his that I've been listening to on and off for two months. Talent. Lead singer of the Shins, and prob. even better live, by himself. Give it a run, don't cost nothin'.

James Mercer (live) - When I goosestep
James Mercer (live) - Young Pilgrims
James Mercer (live) - Girl Inform Me
James Mercer (live) - Won one too many fights *NEW SONG
James Mercer (live) - The Past and Pending
James Mercer (live) - Saint Simon

In other news, the Tour De France starts on Saturday. As nerdy as I am, I ordered digital cable for the month of July (to watch OLN). Can't wait...i'll be sure to update my blog with my expert tour wisdom. Pictures, too...!

Great Family Guy last night, too. It's getting better.

Getting a new saddle in the mail today. Velo is the name 200 grams and a carbon fibre shell for only $20 on Ebay. What a steal. God I love ebay.

Off to study, I'll try to update tonight, but unless anyone wants to know about Inflammation, necrosis, and leukemia, maybe it's better if I don't.


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