Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blank and Jones

At first glance Blank and Jones might look like two gay Danish dudes ready to rock your mom's house party. But, after a few listens, their music is pretty infectous and worthy of a download/listen/delete. I like it, you should too. Check them out via their website bio and these tasty songs.... have a great day.

For just under two years, Piet BLANK, Jaspa JONES and Andy Kaufhold worked on "Monument". And monumental is not merely a status the team is playing at, but also the soundscapes they use on the album to bring listeners under their spell. Up to now BLANK & JONES have never in such a masterly fashion brought their potential for shaping sound so much to bear as on "Monument", and rarely was their songwriting so homogeneous and perfectly conceived as on this, their sixth album. After a phenomenal intro, as much the hallmark of a BLANK & JONES album as the manifold atmospheres they create, "Monument" goes its own unstoppable way, revealing from start to finish a seamless kaleidoscope of sounds and electronic grooves. Refined beats and compelling electronic sounds take over the scenery while sparely employed guitar riffs and pointedly placed vocals underscore the dense atmosphere of the tracks which all lead into acoustically infinite worlds. Tight songwriting combined with sound collages that expand your listening habits, leading to 12 hypnotizing tracks that are compelling from the first moment down to the very last tones. On "Monument" BLANK & JONES have made yet another giant step, showing themselves to be the most harmonious songwriters on the contemporary electronic scene - artists who simply don't stand still and whose clearly defined ambitions aim only at further developments.

Among one of the highlights of the album is definitely "A Forest", with Robert Smith. It's a track that because of its resounding success cannot be gotten around.

Blank and Jones - Relax
Blank and Jones - Breezin'
Blank and Jones - Counting Clouds
Blank and Jones - Angel (Remix)


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