Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cubs suck, go vote for Albert Pujols

The Tour De France starts on Saturday, and I cannot wait. I'll probably blog about it nonstop, so if you don't like it, go read some other blog ;)

Lance Armstrong (LA) says that Jan Ullrich is going to win the tour next year, heh? Dunno there Tex, little fast. T-Mobile is going to be good, real good, and you're an adulteress, so whatever you say from here on out automatically lacks validity.

(This picture makes me sick)

As announced by me on Sunday, Greg Oden is going to attend The Ohio State University (puke) next year. That indignant caaawksucker (Deadwood voice). Thad Matta can recruit, they'll be a powerhouse for a long time...great....

The Jason Mraz album does blow, btw.

It'll be a long hard road.....

Jason Mraz has a new album out. Haven't listened to it yet, but I'll try to throw up some songs/review the sheez tommorow. I'm just going to go ahead and assume that it sucks. Same poppy shit. Pssst...I liked his first album, but don't tell anyone. Hopefully I'll be surprised. Judging by the album cover, he's either playing paper football, or rolling a big spleef... Good stuff that paper football.

For those in the know, I have a very, very big test coming up on July 11th. You see, in order to become a "doctor" you have to take "tests" and get "certified" to "practice." Little heavy on the "'s, I know, but that's how I feel about it. It is a major pain in the ass. Plus my internet has been down recently... thanks RCN!

Apparently I have a gramaticaliness problem. This is, of course, according to my twin brother who is a copy editor, so I'm sure he'll let me know when I missue it's. Not much going on here other than cramming massive amounts of trivial knowledge into my over-fried brain. Gotta love the library.

The Go! Team's album finally came out via amazon. Well done team.

Radiohead - National Anthem
Radiohead - Optimistic
Radiohead - Punch up at a wedding
Jack Johnson - Wasting Time
The Roots (live) - Mellow my Man
Coldplay - Talk
Coldplay - White Shadows

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

James Taylor, not down with the coke....

I'm on fire today (procrastinating studying Anatomy), and I've been listening to James Taylor a lot as of late (per MGH, who is a big fan). He's good, and ohh soo mellow. I had no idea he was into drugs and what not.... doesn't seem like the type. Irregardless, he plays a mean guitar. He's coming to Chicago, soon, but I'm not sure if MGH and myself will go. We're a little young ;) Here are a few of my favorite tracks off of his '74 Carnegie Hall Album, great quality.

JT - Riding on a Railroad
JT - Country Roads
JT - Walkingman
JT - Mockingbird
JT - Sweet Baby James

Blank and Jones

At first glance Blank and Jones might look like two gay Danish dudes ready to rock your mom's house party. But, after a few listens, their music is pretty infectous and worthy of a download/listen/delete. I like it, you should too. Check them out via their website bio and these tasty songs.... have a great day.

For just under two years, Piet BLANK, Jaspa JONES and Andy Kaufhold worked on "Monument". And monumental is not merely a status the team is playing at, but also the soundscapes they use on the album to bring listeners under their spell. Up to now BLANK & JONES have never in such a masterly fashion brought their potential for shaping sound so much to bear as on "Monument", and rarely was their songwriting so homogeneous and perfectly conceived as on this, their sixth album. After a phenomenal intro, as much the hallmark of a BLANK & JONES album as the manifold atmospheres they create, "Monument" goes its own unstoppable way, revealing from start to finish a seamless kaleidoscope of sounds and electronic grooves. Refined beats and compelling electronic sounds take over the scenery while sparely employed guitar riffs and pointedly placed vocals underscore the dense atmosphere of the tracks which all lead into acoustically infinite worlds. Tight songwriting combined with sound collages that expand your listening habits, leading to 12 hypnotizing tracks that are compelling from the first moment down to the very last tones. On "Monument" BLANK & JONES have made yet another giant step, showing themselves to be the most harmonious songwriters on the contemporary electronic scene - artists who simply don't stand still and whose clearly defined ambitions aim only at further developments.

Among one of the highlights of the album is definitely "A Forest", with Robert Smith. It's a track that because of its resounding success cannot be gotten around.

Blank and Jones - Relax
Blank and Jones - Breezin'
Blank and Jones - Counting Clouds
Blank and Jones - Angel (Remix)

Damn you Sudoku Ninja!

Ok. Every morning (at school, or at home) I like to do the Sudoku puzzle in my favorite rag-newspaper (the Redeye), and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or two. The one today is killing me... If you haven't checked it out (it's a big craze in Europe right now) you better get addicted before all of the un-cool people get into it. I'm not one for crossword puzzles, but I'm sure this is equally effective in fighting Alzheimers, I'll spare you the plaque ridden details.

Snaps for me for shooting out the Dropkick Murphy stuff, first. Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog has a song up today, check it out. I'm soo hip.

Sudoku, indeed!

I'm not really into Stephen Malkmus, but his album has been getting good reviews. Hmm...

Stephen Malkmus - Face the Truth
Stephen Malkmus - Freeze the Saints
Pearl Jam - Corduroy
Pearl Jam - Nothingman
U2 - Angel Of Harlem

Monday, June 27, 2005

Dropkickin' that Glossopharyngeal nerve..

Ok, i'll be the first to admit that I wouldn't normally listen to a band like the Dropkick Murphy's. I've allready gone through my dissafected, angry phase (in high school) and now I prefer my music a little more mellow and palatable (which, come to think of it, might explain the James Taylor album I posted two days ago)... But, fear not, I'm not middle aged, yet... This album is solid. It's fast, so naturally it's good for working out with, but it has a little more substance than most of the other pseudo-punk crap-ola that I've heard. I wouldn't exactly call it "timeless" per se, but it's good. I have a feeling all of the true Dropkick Murphy fans will hate it and call it poppy, but that's what I dig, so they can all be damned. It's their best work, thus far. Check it out.


If, after the scant moments of quiet bagpipes are explosively joined by pounding drums, crunching guitar, and the simple command of "Go!", you're not completely in Dropkick Murphy's exuberant grasp with the opening track "Your Spirit's Alive"... there may be no hope. Remove their new studio album, "The Warrior's Code" out of your CD player and go... I don't know... sip on your prune juice, awaiting your turn at the shuffleboard. Seriously. For the rest of you, sit back and get ready for a new dose of Dropkick Murphy's perfect blend of Irish folk and punk rock. On this latest collection is just one potentially inspiring, shout along anthem after another. The proceedings slow down a bit for an epic ballad called "The Green Fields of France," but other than that it's a group of straight ahead rock songs to pump your fists to and yell along with.

While the band continues to get more and more at ease with writing shorter and catchier or hookier and poppier songs, "he Warrior's Code seems to be have more grit to it than their last studio effort, 2003's "Blackout." The Warrior's Code barely takes a breath. From the joyous accordion-flavored rock and cheers of "Sunshine Highway," all good times and rowdy, well, occasionally rough, fun to the insightful, biting political observations of post-9/11 USA and the CIA taking out newspaper ads for new recruits on the loud and driving "Citizen CIA," Dropkick Murphy's are in top notch form on their latest offering. Songs like "Take It And Run" show just how good at observational and human storytelling the band really is. A song about a family trying to survive and maybe even thrive-- the mom without enough money to feed her kids right, but striving for the means...

It's timeless, moving songwriting without any sap. Despite occasionally heavy subject matter that could become down beat, Dropkick Murphys tell tales of overcoming and celebrating life. These are songs to listen to when you need to get the hell out of a funk, when the day's got you down, and you need a riotous, ballsy pick up. The Warrior's Code finds Dropkick Murphys at their rowdy, celebratory, and insightful best.
- D.J. Kirkbride | 2005-06-16

In hillarious sporting news:

Shaq got his MBA from an online university. Wonder how much weight that will carry when he starts looking for jobs in the allready saturated Miami market.

Now for my songs of the day (I listened to Phish a lot at the library):
Rancid - Nihilsm (live)
Phish - Billy Breathes
Phish - Tweezer
Phish - Stash
Bloc Party - Positive Tension
Arcade Fire - No Cars Go

My brain hurts, seriously

Studied for 9.5 hours straight yesterday. My brain is a little groggy today, but I'm going to try and amp up my work ethic even more. Quick update to throw up some James Mercer, live. Found this little ditty over at the the torture garden and it's very similar to a show of his that I've been listening to on and off for two months. Talent. Lead singer of the Shins, and prob. even better live, by himself. Give it a run, don't cost nothin'.

James Mercer (live) - When I goosestep
James Mercer (live) - Young Pilgrims
James Mercer (live) - Girl Inform Me
James Mercer (live) - Won one too many fights *NEW SONG
James Mercer (live) - The Past and Pending
James Mercer (live) - Saint Simon

In other news, the Tour De France starts on Saturday. As nerdy as I am, I ordered digital cable for the month of July (to watch OLN). Can't wait...i'll be sure to update my blog with my expert tour wisdom. Pictures, too...!

Great Family Guy last night, too. It's getting better.

Getting a new saddle in the mail today. Velo is the name 200 grams and a carbon fibre shell for only $20 on Ebay. What a steal. God I love ebay.

Off to study, I'll try to update tonight, but unless anyone wants to know about Inflammation, necrosis, and leukemia, maybe it's better if I don't.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Way to go Mike Davis. Great job. Can't land a kid who grew up around you, knows your son well, and lives an hour from the former hotbed of college basketball. Great.... Greg Oden leaves the state of Indiana to go to Columbus, OH. Your time is limited Mike Davis.... I'm bitter.

On a brighter note, I'm really into the clap your hands album and listened to it about 3 times yesterday on my ride. My favorite (along with everyone else) song on the album is My Yellow Country Teeth. Since I'm going to be a dentist (maybe, someday) from rural Illinois, I thought it was only fitting that I named my blog that for a while. Don't ask.

Massive study session on the horizon for today. I'm going to try to plug in 6-10 hours a day for two weeks and shut off the outside world. So, if you want to leave some feedback on the blog, that might be a great idea...I could use the support, learning about about the oral cavity and all ;)

Check out the Via the Ipod section. I'm back...all snazzy updated and shizz. Enjoy.

In the spirit of angry study man, a little Van Morrison:

Van Morrison - Celtic New Year
Van Morrison - Evening Train
Van Morrison - I'm Confessin'
Van Morrison - Magic Time

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Clap your hands say Yeah it's hotter than hell...

Ok, you have to download this album. Then buy it, and delete it from your computer ;) Now. It's real good.

Get it here

Figure out how to download it, and listen to it like five times in a row. I'm diggin it. More than Sufjan Stevens' Illinoiseee! , even...

Review (via pitchfork)

Joni Mitchell and James Taylor - Close your eyes
Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia
White Stripes - Get Behind me Satan

As for me, school is over for two weeks and i've been studying balls. It'll pay off, but the next two weeks are going to be intense and fueld by a ton of caffene... Did a 50 mile bike ride and a 8 mile run. Hot as hell here in chicago. More latro.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"back like a chiropractor....." - Common

I've got 2.5 weeks off from school to study for boards. I've been putting about 3-4 hours in a day and more on the weekends for a little under a month. For the next 2.5 weeks, I promise to do nothing but ride my bike, update my blog, and study my ass off. Cheers to that. My brother in NC tells me that the Charlotte Bobcats are going to draft darren williams. Sweet.

Few albums i've been into:

Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic

Editorial Reviews
Finally, the world is treated to Mike Doughty's first "full-band" album since
Soul Coughing disbanded in 1998. Doughty has clearly morphed from hyperactive ironic hipster to a world-class songwriter with lyrics that are funny ("I want to run away and join the office") and self-deprecating but never emo ("All my life I've been slow and senseless/Not struck dumb I'm just dumb that's all"). If you're looking for faults you can always find them, and to be sure some of the playing is overly "pro" and not as funky as M.D. live. The perfect pedal steel touches throughout are actually icing on this cake, and the drummer dude from N.E.R.D.'s metronomic bashing's hardly a bummer. The songs on the album will be familiar to fans who've seen him live, and thanks to Haughty being recorded over a long stretch of time (the songs themselves honed that way too) it has a "greatest hits" feel to it: all killer, no filler. --Mike McGonigal

Pinback - Summer in Abandon

Editorial Reviews
Album Description
Although it may seem like gentle pop music at first, the brilliance of "Summer In Abaddon" is slowly revealed over repeated listenings. The songs are buoyant and lively at times, melancholy and dark at others, and always resonate with an underlying intensity. Pinback lays out beautiful melodies that are deceptively complex, layering sounds and instruments upon one another and trading contrasting vocal parts with ease

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yah
Eels - Blinking Lights...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Since studying for boards takes up about all of my time, I've been riding my bike as much as possible. Check out this bike a dentist scored as a tax write off last year. Genius idea. Can't wait to be a dentist....

I've been listening to Pinback a lot lately. Check out this review... maybe even buy it.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Wow, like my days get longer, and longer, and longer...good sign of things to come!

Just got home at 6:30 and didn't even get close to finishing my denture project. I'm never, I mean never, going to do dentures. Hate the shit... I do like perio for some odd reason, though...weird. Quick ride tonight. I've been commuting to school and back and made it home in 25 minutes tonigh..personal traffic. Pretty fun to knife through chicago grid lock on a bike...not the safest thing, but fun.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Chitown blues fest

After last night's Blues Fest in Chicago, I felt compelled to update my blog a little bit. It was a great time, and Buddy Guy played one of the coolest shows i've ever seen. He spent a good ten minutes near the end of his set walking through the crowd and jamming on his guitar. Definatley a stuff.

I've been studying for boards a ton and school sucks, so I haven't had time to update my blog. I'll work on it, though. I did get a new bike that I plan on commuting to school with...check it out:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Welp, MGH gets back from Dallas today, so I'm going to pick her up and then study my arse off. More updates, soon, hopefully....I need to get some new music, so maybe this can help.