Wednesday, May 04, 2005

New Oasis, Sufjan Stevens is weird...

I'll post more later on in the week about the new Sufjan Stevens album: Illinois. Since I'm from Illinois, naturally, my opinion matters more than anyone else's. From what I've heard, it's pretty damn good. New Ryan Adams is also very good. But..... everyone's favorite sibling rivalists Oasis have a new album out and if Liam is right this just might be the "best fn' album ever.." We'll see about that, don't hold your breath. They hate Bloc Party, though, which I think is hillarious. Two more finals to go. I'm still alive baby.... booooyah!

01. Turn Up The Sun

02. Mucky Fingers

03. Lyla

04. Love Like A Bomb

05. The Importance Of Being Idle

06. Meaning of Soul

07. Guess God Thinks Im Abel

08. Part Of The Queue

09. Keep The Dream Alive

10. A Bell Will Ring

11. Let There Be Love


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