Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm baaaaaack

After a two week break from "blogging" i've found some downtime in my schedule to post a little update. This summer is going to be crazy, like really crazy. I've got class from 8-5 everyday, non-stop, half hour lunches, and I have to study for the NBDE par I exam, which is a nerd test they make us take to get our dental licenses.. We took a mock exam today, and it was hard as hell. I'm going to have to really bust it to do well, so i'm starting the preperation tommorow.

Man it's nice to be back in chicago, but school gets progressivley worse every semester. Someday i'll look back on all of this and laugh. Don't think i'll go see the new stars wars this weekend, I can wait a few weeks until MGH moves here! She found a place, and it's way nicer than my dump, so I'm planning on crashing there often...err...never ;) beginning in June. I'll get some more stuff up later this week. Cheers!


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