Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Back in the saddle again...

Well.....I made it through finals, and i'm alive. As my grades role in, slowly, it looks like I did fairly well. Couple of C's, which is to be expected, since i had 26 credit hours, but a few A's mixed in. I outdid myself in Pathology and pulled an A out of my ass, not even studying for the final. I do what I can.... I'm at my mom's house here in the beautiful downstate Illinois and have been riding my bike all week. God I miss my life. 70 miles yesterday, and hopefully a bunch today, again.

I'm going to STL to visit MGH this week, and we're going to a cardinals game...speaking of the cardinals. They were amazing last night, and it was my first chance to watch an entire Cards game this season.

Albert Pujols jacked two homeruns last night, best player in baseball, heh?


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