Friday, April 01, 2005

Weekend! Go Illini, psyche!

Ahh the final four is finally here, and I have nothing planned for the weekend but watching basketball and working out. I had a test today, and it was rough, so half of my class celebrated by skipping a lab and playing three hours of basketball. I swam 500 meters afterwards as well, so I got a good workout in.

Looks like Wolfowitz is going to get the world bank job. Gotta love that Iraq war.

Probably not going to make it to the Josh Rouse show, I didn't want to go alone and I'm saving up for a bike so that I can ride here in the congestion when it gets warm out. Been listening to this album a bunch:

The Black Keys are awesome, and their slow twangy Ohio blues kick serious ass. They're playing here next Thursday, but of course, I have an exam on Friday morning. Classic.


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