Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Update from School...Boi!

I'm at school, and I shit you not it's 75 degrees in the building. Apparently my cheap ass school doesn't turn the air conditioning on until May, so we're stuck here working with wax in a sweat. Going for a long swim tonight and a short ride. It appears that my hometown, the beautiful Effingham, Il is the new hotbed of triathlons in the midwest. Four tris in three months with two sprints, one olympic, and one half iron man. I'd like to do one of the sprints and maybe the olympic, but i'm not sure if I'm ready for the Olympic distance just yet. Soon enough. Here are a few songs i've been listening to all day at school. Some days I like to put my headphones on in the back of the class and study my notes instead of listening to some blowhard preach about his inferior salary. Latero.

The Shins - Burn a Square
Pete Yorn - Murry
Death Cab for Cutie (On the OC in 2 weeks) - Translanticism (Album)


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