Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Songs for McCall.... Picture Tuesday!

Yah, so Ben Folds' new album Songs for Silverman is saaaaaweeeeeet. Classic Folds stuff, starts off exactly where rockin' the suburbs left off and doesn't disappoint. My favorite song, after three listens, is Late, a song he wrote about his friend Elliot Smith who committed suicide, apparently before Folds could tell him how he felt about his work. Good stuff, check it out when it drops April 26th. Or, download it here using Bittorrent

35 Mile bike ride today at the north branch trail here in chicago. Pretty good trail, but still not as nice as the country roads i'm used to riding down. It'll suffice.

I wanted to wait until later tonight to post about my day, mainly because the Bulls clinched home court advantage for the first round of the playoffs. Damn, Ben Gordan is a baller. They need to keep him, Tyson Chandler, and Kirk Heinrich around as long as possible. Eddy Curry and his overweight, irregular heartbeat ass can take his tallents elsewhere, probably New York.

Speaking of sports, my Cardinals are catching fire as well. With wins of 11-1 last night and 7-1 tonight, it looks like they're going to run away with the NL Central, again this year, which is cool with me. Hopefully MGH can hook us up with some tickets again this summer and I can have an excuse to get out of the city, like I need one ;)

New pope today. Should be a good one, but hey aren't they all. He might have a little trouble following John Paul, though...only time will tell. It's kind of sad that some people bet on this sort of thing. Defintaley the Christian thing to do.

Finally one last picture. Check out this carnage from the Little 500 mens race. There was a massive wreck on the first lap of the race and screwed over about 25 teams trying to win. Crazy.


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