Wednesday, April 13, 2005

So i'm making a trip this weekend, to visit the woman, and pick up a bike similar to this. Score! Can't wait to start riding hardcore in the warm chicago weather. Swam 800 (m) easy tonight and actually got through a huge workout of 1200 meters yesterday. I'd much rather be working out than working on wax teeth all day, like today.

Ahh talk about fun. While all of my friends and people my age, for that matter, are out making money and saving that money, I'm spending the better part of a day working on building up wax to look like a tooth. To add some insult, I'm a cool $50K in debt after one friggin semester of school! Hopefully this is all going to pay off one day (read: make me some money) and I can buy a bike like this:

Couple of CD's for your workout (complements of regnyouth)
System of a Down
Bloc Party - EP

Little 500 updates on Sunday. Have yourself a great weekend.


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