Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Liver, not Better than Ezra

So I've got a massive histology test tommorow (fifth test this week, alone) and i'm in the middle of studying the infamous liver. Fun sheez. New Better than Ezra was up on regnyouth today, so I downloaded it and it's pretty sauve... I definatley like it better than the new Weezer, which kind of blows... Sounds like them, but I like their style, so download BTE and jam. Juicy is my fav track so far. Almost spoonish!

Better Than Ezra - Before the Robots
01 - Burned.MP3
02 - Daylight.MP3
03 - A Lifetime.MP3
04 - It's Only Natural.MP3
05 - Overcome.MP3
06 - Special.MP3
07 - American Dream.MP3
08 - Our Last Night.MP3
09 - A Southern Thang.MP3
10 - Juicy.MP3
11 - Hollow.MP3
12 - Our Finest Year.MP3
13 - Breathless.MP3
Now for some nerd news:
I got an A on both of my finals thus far and did pretty damn well on the two that I took today. Soooo.....even though i'm loosing my hair, haven't really ate well lately, slight angina, etc.. i'm kicking ass at the ole' school of dentistry. Now for some Jack Johnson, because I'm a big fan and it's my blog.

Jack Johnson - Never Know
Jack Johnson - Good People
Jack Johnson - Crying Shame
Jack Johnson - Breakdown

Have a great day, don't turn your liver, which is arguably the most vital non cardiovascular organ in your body, take that lungs, you suck, into this mess! From May 6-19th I will be.


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