Monday, April 25, 2005

Intonation Festival vs. Lollapalooza


I'm super stoked that Chicago is apparently the rock capital of the world this summer. With two huge, awesome, sweet, no need for more adjectives, festivals, going on this place is going to be neato'. One's at Pulaski park, the other Grant Park, both cool venues. I'm planning on going to both, but I think that I have to agree with pitchfork media. The $75 that i'll save on the ticket will by a lot of choice beer. Either way, win/win....


Intonation Festival
Pulaski Park
Chicago, Illinois
July 16-17
$10 walk-up fee each day

Inarguably, the ultimate human experience. Curated by a consortium of blindingly attractive brainiacs from around the globe, Intonation stands to eradicate sadness the world over. The Pope was gonna do a doom metal/crunk thing off his iPods, but he called last month and said he'd rather die than tarnish the festival with his weak shit. We thought he was just being a drama queen.

With more bands to be announced, the early lineup is still pretty impressive: The Decemberists, the Fiery Furnaces, the Wrens, Broken Social Scene, DFA79, Out Hud, A.C. Newman, Magnolia Electric Co., Four Tet, Xiu Xiu, Andrew Bird, the M's, and the Go! Team. Says here Will Oldham's DJ'ing. I heard dude's grime set was so much murkage that D Double E was like, "I prefer not to spit over this. Its brilliance and raw emotion is both intimidating and awe-inspiring."

Seriously, you cheap bastards, it's 10 bucks for a bunch of bands that usually charge that much by themselves, and "portions" of the proceeds go to a worthy charity. My pocket, bwoy. Plus, the interns tell me that Chicago is Heaven's backyard in the summer, at least as far as they can tell from the tiny oxygen holes in Ryan's dungeon.

Grant Park
Chicago, Illinois
July 23-24
$85 for a 2-day pass to increase to $100 when tickets run out to increase to $115 when tickets run out.

Last year, Lollapalooza looked like your father-- all empty promises and misspent emotional capital. Having cancelled the 2004 reprise because no one wanted to go to it, including Morrissey, things were looking pretty sketchy again this year. The organizers switched from multi-city tour to a single weekend in Chicago in an attempt to replicate the success of other weekend festivals, and the lineup announcement expected on April 1 ran a bit late.

But as of last week, the roster is online, and everything seems legit if not somewhat bizarre. Probably the least inspiring attempt at genre-hopping, the ‘Looz packs Pixies(!), Dinosaur Jr., Blonde Redhead, The Walkmen, Arcade Fire, and M83 onstage with Widespread Panic, Cake, Dashboard Confessional, and G. Love & Special Sauce. Wait, it gets better: Billy Idol. Digable Planets. Dandy Warhols v. Brian Jonestown Massacre dust up. Sound Tribe Sector 9. As of this moment, there don't seem to be any plans for single-day tickets, nor have there been any schedule announcements. Regardless, Chicago will be blessed with two outdoor festivals on consecutive weekends. One is $10 and teems with exciting acts and sparkling personalities. The other is Lollapalooza.


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