Monday, April 25, 2005

Damn you Shure, thanks for ruining my Passover!

I bought these Shure E2C headphones a little over four months ago, and literally live with them in my ears. I listen to music all day, sometimes even during lectures, especially if the professor is obnoxiously foreign and I can get more work done by myself. Whatever. Well today, they broke and my life is all screwed up. I haven't been able to really, and I mean really, give the new Weezer a listen, and I'm not happy. So, stay away from the E2's if you were thinking about getting new headphones to snazz up your ipod. Rant, over.

The rest of my day was cool. I spent a solid 5+ hours working on drilling and filling fake teeth and then put in another 4 hours at the library tonight. It's finals week(s) so its go time. No complaints, though, since I got a 20 mile bike ride in tonight and found this beaut' for only $100 used here in the Chi. Sweet deal, considering that it retails fo' $350.. Ohh yah and it was 70 out today, not fifty....myyyyhhaaaa!

A VC Blog has a good post on posting mp3s. None of which I agree with.

Dodge at My Old Kentucky Blog has a post about dentists killing themselves. Wrong!

Test tommorow, two tests Thursday, test on friday, ohh and don't get me started about next week. I'll cry. Music, enspired by Neuroanatomy!

Death Cab - We Laugh Indoors
Postal Service - Such Great Heights
The Shins - Girl Inform Me
The Shins - Weird Divide
Daft Punk - Human After All
Moby - Beautiful
Coldplay - Speed of Sound


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