Friday, April 08, 2005

Cycling Titans, heh?

MGH's team won the team pursuit competition at Indiana yesterday and had this cool little article written about them. Super good job girls. I have a feeling they'll be winning the Little 500 next weekend, and yours truly will be in attendance to celebrate, can't wait!

I had a desce' biochem test today at school and probably scored in my standard B/B- range. Ohh gotta love dental school... don't sleep much for two days and still get a B. Classic. I don't have too much going on until finals but considering that we have 10 finals in five days, it might suck a bit. Hopefully I can get ready beforehand.


Blogger mgh said...

looks pretty sweet to me :) thanks for posting that. I love you snaker

8:42 PM  
Blogger horner said...

Mere's so cool, she's gotta wear shades...

9:29 AM  

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