Friday, April 22, 2005

Crazy day....yulp, crazy day.

So my girlfriend's entire family reads my blog, which I think is wonderful.

What a day... I got hit by a dumb girl today in my car, I'm fine, so is my car, she's still an idiot. Plus my twin brother got hit by a car on his bicycle. Crazy, heh? We're both OK but our pride took a major smash.

Mere was here with her family shopping for the weekend... so we went out tonight and had ourselves a seriously good time. Ate dinner at Rosebud on Rush not to be confused with the original Rosebud (on Taylor, near my school, woot woot.) It's hard to eat a descent steak on a students budget, so her grandmother is now on the short list of my favorite people to eat and get a little sauced with. Plus, MGH got a job here in Chicago. Commercial real estate, which might come in suprisingly handy when I start my dental empire. If you need a commercial property to start like a best buy or something of that nature, be sure to give her a call. Schwing!

I'm feeling extra sporty today, so lets talk.

Cardinals almost blew it tonight. They're real good, but the starting five looks a little shakey

I'm sick of the NFL draft allready. Constant coverage on ESPN, followed by twenty clips of Mel Kipper on sportscenter, talking about absolutley nothing is driving me nuts. Football is definatley the largest sport in the US, and if you disagree, you're stupid. I'm just not into it. Why are the bears so set on taking a running back? Mike Williams WILL be on the board when they make their selection at number 4 and they're not going to take him. Can anyone say "upside?"

Ohh yah, and Kobe's not the GM of the Shoulda kept to himself. Dumbass.

Lance, Lance, Lance, just wants to have some fun.

Our other favorite adultrist, Lance Armstrong, is in ninth place going into the fourth stage of the Tour De Georga. His protege Floyd Landis is a cool 1.45 minutes up on him and is looking like a solid, solid GC rider this year. Cool stuff. Can't wait for the tour this summer.


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