Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ahh what the hell. GO ILLINI!

Ok, so I held off on the Illinois bandwagon as long as I could, but since I grew up watching them, and go to grad school at one of their "sister campuses" I suppose it's ok if I root for them today. If only Indiana were in the final four, next year perhaps ;) I like the gaurd matchup tonight, and think Illinois has the advantage inside. They'll probably role to a victory and I'll loose my pool. But that's cool. Illini fans better enjoy this one, though, because Bruce Weber isn't much of a recruiter, and this only happens ohhh once every 15 years for Illinois.

Fred Wilson has a cool post here on downloading music, I enjoy reading his blog and have picked up quite a bit of stuff about starting/running businesses from him.

I'm doing the Shamrock Shuffle tommorow morning, so I'm taking a super easy day today and enjoying some basketball. Hope you are too.


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