Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ryan Adams, not an UltraMarathon Man

Check out Some Depression
and download Ryan Adam's The Suicide Handbook. All the stuff he put together before Gold, and just as good. I've been rocking out to Dear Chicago all day.

Also, here's an awesome interview with the ultra marathon man Dean Karnazes.
I'm definatley going to read his book when I finish Middlesex.

5 mile run tonight with 3 0.5 mile tempo runs at 8.5 mph. Then 45 minutes of weights again tonight. Naked old guys at the gym are starting to freak me out a little bit. Weird, I hope I never get that way.


Blogger horner said...

ryan, you're cracking me up! so very random and what an excellent way to waste time instead of studying.
i hope you don't mind that mere shared this with it! thanks for the musci updates. someone's gotta keep me cool. clearly mere's been slacking a bit. see you soon :)

love, em

2:54 PM  

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