Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rough Day

I was in a horrible mood after school today. I got nailed to a cross for the prep that I did a few weeks ago. It wasn't that the prep was bad, it was the fact that I filled the grading sheet out wrong! I had no idea what they wanted, so I filled it out like I thought I should.....wrong. So I was super pissed all day, but went to the gym and rocked out to Bloc Party (which might be my new favorite album) and all is well again. Just did a 45 min tempo ride tonight and 45 min of weights.

Ahhh, it's ok. That's about all I can say. They're definitely in the same class as the Coldplay/Radiohead rippofs Athlete and Keane, but it's a descent album. Not one of my favorites. The Kings of Leon's new album Aha Shake Heartbreak has really grown on my recently, though, so maybe Aqualung will do the same. Doubtful. It does seem like all of the cool, new music is coming out of England right now.

Mike Davis will be back at Indiana next year. Bad move, again, by IU. The Hoosiers are going to be loaded with talent next year, but the man simply cannot coach. Whatever. I'm a UIC Flames fan anyway :)


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