Tuesday, March 29, 2005

RIP Johnny C :(

Pretty desce' day here... I ran to school and back 11 miles in all, and it was in the 70's in Chicago. Rocked this gynormous file most of the day:
South By Southwest mp3

Got a test on Friday of this week and a project I'm working on, but not too much going on until the first week of May which will be hellish. There were a total of 10 people in my neuroanatomy class today (out of a possible 78), so it looks like school is really starting to get to people. I shouldn't talk though, because I wouldn't have been there had I not had a meeting afterwords.

Jose Canseco is going to be on the Surreal Life next season. HAHA! What a has been.

Planning on going to see Josh Rouse on Friday (by myself, sad, I know) but it'll probably be an awesome show since he really wails. Park West, where the show is, looks really cool as well. Rad, not bogus.


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