Monday, March 21, 2005

Cavity preps and Aqualung

I cut my first modified Class I cavity prep today, similar to the one above, and it was an experience. The first few preps that I've cut have been horrible, thus far, but I borrowed some magnification from a friend and it made a world of difference. I'll be getting a pair of "loupes" as soon as I can scrounge up the $900! that they cost. I'll be sure to talk about my experiences at school on here: not much this week except a Histology test on Friday, so it's not a horrible week. I've enjoyed the off time and have read most of Middlesex: A Novel. Desce' read so far, but for some reason I can't get into the Greek story...

Got the new Aqualung album Strange & Beautiful
today. Haven't listened to the entire thing yet, but I'll update my impression tomorrow.
From Rolling Stone (even though they suck):

Matt Hales, the former child prodigy behind Aqualung, boasts major vocal, instrumental and compositional chops on his American debut, a combination of remixes and tracks from his two U.K. albums. Uniting Radiohead-ish British rock and symphonic pop in the masterly mold of Burt Bacharach, the Beatles and the Beach Boys, tenor Hales delivers keenly focused keyboard-based drama that blows away all pretenders trailing in Coldplay's wake. Garden State soundtrack fans, take note.


Off day, my legs have felt terrible (even walking up stairs) all day, so I'm going to rest them tonight and get some sleep. I'm planning on doing a longer ride tomorrow and swimming 500 meters, so this is well deserved.

Knight on Davis: 'That's their problem'

Indiana is going to announce whether or not Mike Davis is going to be back next year, by Tuesday! Bob Knight is dead on, what a stud.


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