Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bright Eyes is overrated

I just can't seem to get into the two Bright Eye's albums. They're ok, but Oberst seems a little too whinny and pissy for my taste. I do, however, think that Bloc Party owns, and if they're ever in Chicago, again, and I don't have a test the next morning (which is never, really) I'm going to go see those guys. Andrew Bird's new album is definitely rockin, as well. The lyrics are sharp and a few of the track are very, very good.... Check it out on the right if you haven't listened to it yet.

I've only been back at school for a week, and I'm totally not in the mood to put up with the 26 credit hours that we're lucky enough to take. Plus I've got some lab work kicking up, again, which I don't really mind (since I can listen to music/watch TV during) but if anyone ever reads this here's a little advice: don't, under any condition, go to dental school. Sure the job will kick ass someday, but the training sucks, and right now I'm in a little cubicle of hell. Ahh venting in a blog, pretty nerdy, heh?

I wanted to run a half marathon in the Suburbs today, but couldn't get up early enough. So, I ran 13.2 miles on the treadmill at my new gym: Lakeshore Athletic Club
My legs are sore as hell, but it was an experience. The weather has been pretty bleak here recently, so i'm looking forward to the spring.

Sounds like SXSW rocked. I was there three years ago, and didn't appreciate it enough at the time. Hopefully, someday, i can go back and check it out again.

More tomorrow, hopefully.


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