Sunday, June 25, 2006

Wow, what a week...

Obvs, Ozzie doesn't deep throat!

I've been slightly preoccupied all day. I have an oral surgery exam tomorrow, which I could honestly care less about, an ortho final on Thursday (ditto), and an endo exam on Friday (double ditto). You see, I had a conversation this afternoon that rivals any conversation I've ever had. Been reassessing my life all day. Dental school will have to wait. It's been one of those weekends.

Earlier this week I started my first molar root canal. Check that, my first root canal. I enjoyed it (sounds weird, doesn't it...), and look forward to doing a ton more. I think dentists charge somewhere between $600-1000 per root canal, (+) roughly the same for a full coverage restoration (crown), depending on the difficulty, so someday I might be able to pay back a fraction of my loans. I plan on keeping both of my kidneys, take that Zo.

I'm sick of this whole Ozzie vs. Mariotti thing. Face it, people call each other's part of our culture. I don't think Ozzie hates gay people, I just think it slipped out. Get over it, move on... Mariotti is a douche...that would have been a better term to use.

Caught The Stills at Intonation yesterday and was totally blown away. Great stage presence, good music, and a fair amount of cowbell. High on Fire and the Boredoms were absolutely worthless...terrible bands. You couldn't pay me to see them again. Ghostface did not disappoint. Dude brought 50 scantily clad women on stage with him during his set. Cocaine, crazy drug. I was so whipped by 8 p.m. last night that I didn't even stay for The Streets. I'm not a huge fan, so I'm sure I didn't miss much...

I've been blogging on myspace a little, but I think i enjoy blogger a bit more. If i can manage to get back in the habit of daily updating all of you wankers as to the progress of my life, I think i'll be a happier person.

This is pretty much me, right now. I really recommend the Octoberman jam. If you haven't checked him out, do yourself a favor and figure it out. God damn Canada. Must be something in the water.

The Stills - Killer Bees
The Streets - When you wans't famous
Pilate - Barely Listening
Fembots - Prison Memoirs of an anarchist
Octoberman - X Pat
Kinnie Starr - Anything (.asx)

Saturday, June 10, 2006 got those hands.......

After receiving an overwhelming amount of support, i've decided to continue on with the blogging. Thanks to all the kiddos who sent me encouraging emails. Cheers! Rocked out tonight, hardcore.....ummm...went to a bar...did a $25 all you can drink special and then came home to rock out to birds of wales. Rooooooock!

Fall of the 49 - Birds of Wales

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ryan is back....that's right bloggers!

Well, well, well. It's been a while kiddos. I'm sure no one really reads this blog anymore, but in a ridiculous attempt to put my life back together, I've decided to start blogging again. Recent life alterting activities lead me to believe that this will be good for without further edu', lets get to it.

I've got a ton of patients at the D-school right now. Mostly nasty people with a few teeth left, but I've got some descent mouths to work on too. Guy comes in last week complaining of tooth pain, and has one of his lower incisors held in place by calculus. Lets call it a calculus bridge.....riiiiight....

The MLB draft finished earlier this week, and boy oh boy did the Cubs blow it. Their first round pick is seen by many as a wasted pick, and they drafted Jeff Samardzija who will almost assuredly play in the NFL someday. I often hear cubs fans complaining about the team, but they fail to remember that it starts from the bottom up. The cardinals had a descent draft, and went RP happy in the middle rounds. Looks like they're preparing for life after Izzy.

• The word is that the Cubs will give Notre Dame RHP -- and star wide receiver -- Jeff Samardzija whatever it takes to get him signed. Years back, Gary Hughes, now a special assistant with the Cubs, drafted and signed John Lynch for the Marlins. Lynch got to Double-A, only to turn his sole attention to the NFL. This will be a fascinating story.

Speaking of drafts, Tyrus Thomas could be the first pick in the upcoming NBA lottery. God I hope the Bulls don't manage to get this guy....really do...

Is Jason Grimsley's use of human growth hormone a big deal? I think it is. If some mediocre middle reliever is using the shizz, then i'm sure everyone is. Albert Pujols, you are not exoneratedd (sad face).

Snow Patrol (yankers) are playing at the Vic this weekend. I'm not really excited about their new album, after a few listens, but would consider going to see The Duke Spirit (kind of like The Kills). It's all good, welcome me back biotch.

The Duke Spirit - Lion Rip
The Duke Spirit - Salt The Stings
The Duke Spirit - Win Your Love

"Yes and it counts!" -Marv

Friday, February 10, 2006

Rest in Peace Arrested Development...

If you were in Chicago last night, which I wasn't cause I'm all "central Illinois" trying to ride my bike for three hours a-day, I hope you caught Saturday Looks Good to Me. If you didn't, it's the beach boys circa 2K6. Groovy....

Saturday Looks Good to Me - Lift Me Up (3.1M)
Saturday Looks Good to Me - Underwater Heartbeat (2.2M)

As fer' is really kicking my ass (thus the lack of blogage). I have real patients, now, that want me to like do work on them and what not, so it's sort of time consuming, but you know, public aide people need teeth too.... I had a guy the other day in our little "aids clinic" who had the worst mouth I've ever scene. Nasty, nasty stuff. We're talking two plus masks and his breath still smelled horrible. Unfortunatley, I had to tell the guy that we were going to pull all of his teeth and give him a cheap-o set of dentures. I'm guessing that was the least of his worries, and he was super stoked to get some new chompers...rock....

Caught the Arrested Development finale tonight and cried a little bit at the end...gonna miss that one. Speaking of TV, the OC has gone straight to hell. Fast. Like Terri Hatcher fast... Holly random introduction of marginally interesting characters Batman. Thursday's episode was worthless and I couldn't help but watch the onslaught of shit that Fox threw at me. They totally ignored the Seth/Pot story plot and I was pissed... What happened to our sweet little hip, music friendly show. Not even the super-hero that is Sufjan Stevens could save an episode where no one seemed to care that their best buddy, six episode Johnny, died. Worthless I tell you. If you still watch the OC, I know you are angry like me, and it's going to be ok....Dancing with the Stars is still rockin' strong.

Been riding my bike a ton lately and I'm getting ready for weather that isn't in the 20s....should be great....hopefully I can start blogging more, but I can't make any promises as I'm a very important person... :) More important than you...that's for damn sure...

Roberto Heras, or Rubber-toe as we like to call him here, got hammered by the UCI last week....guess you can't take epo and be a pro cyclist. Someone tell Lance Armstrong that shizz......... McCall out...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Grammy Shaft-ola for Kanye

Ahhhh…the Grammys. Time for all the stars in music to get together for some really god awful collaborations, five trophies can get mercifully handed over to U2 and Kanye West can get screwed out of another Album of the Year. Yes, he deserved it more so than the other crap that was up for it.

In case you missed it: John Legend took a couple, Kelly Clarkson represented American Idol by grabbing two for her mantle, one of which will probably go to Simon, and Madonna looked like a worn-out slut, but what’s new.

Speaking of American Idol, there is a guy from my town down here in NC who made it into the top 24. Whoop-t-shit. Guess he’s quite the douchebag around town, go figure.

U2 walked away with album of the year. Kanye will surely start up his “I got screwed at the Grammys” shit, pronto. Fiona Apple showed up and looked like a ghost. Lay off the smack Ms. Apple. And Sly Stone was honored with one of the dumbest tributes ever, funked up.

Mariah has one beat, but giant breasts.

White Stripes 1, The Arcade Fire 0.

Beyonce is beautiful, Gwen Stafani is still hot (with child), Terri Hatcher is on crack and Alicia Keys still looks like a pear, a juicy pear.

Mr. West had the biggest performance of the night (chalked full with a marching band, frat dudes, half-naked bitches and Jamie Foxx).

Not to be out done by the mix-up of Jay-Z, Linkin Park and Sir Paul McCartney was something. Not sure what to make of that. So glad Jay-Z took off making albums to sing “Yesterday.”
See for yourself

Just can’t get over Fiona Apple…. she must be up to 12 pounds by now!

Same old shit at work. They fired the dumb girl and things are getting better. Went to a NC State game last Sunday, bad ass. ACC basketball is for real, as was Duke/Carolina two nights ago. This state loves them some college basketball.

Gramps is coming down here in the next few weeks. I plan to unleash him on bouncers in SC.

Some tunes…
English band The Kooks, pretty rockin.
The Kooks [Web site]
The Kooks - Naive [mp3]
The Kooks - Jackie Big song title of the year [mp3]

A band named Ms. John Soda...very Postal Servicey, so if that's your bag! New cuts of upcoming album:
Ms. John Soda - Outlined View [mp3]
Ms. John Soda - A Million Times [mp3]

Monday, January 30, 2006

The O.C. / To: Elliot, From: Portland

Finally, my world has calmed down post being punched in the face. Kenny, AKA grandpa, and I are going down to Columbia, S.C. and kicking the shit out of that cheesedick bouncer. Then grandpa is going to nail that little bitch that said I grabbed her ass while I tape it for the blog...that is, if grandma is cool with it.

Wow, the O.C., the fuckin O.C. What a joke it has become. Ryan and I have watched it and still do, but Jesus H Bad Storyline, it's gone too far. Get this, Seth (one of the main characters, real life Adam Brody) smoked MARIJUANA and missed his Brown college interview. Doubt that many Califorians want to go to Brown and the whole process of his roast session was borderline retarded. He’s walking down the boardwalk when he runs into the new, bad girl character. She’s smoking what looks like a cigarette, oh wait, it’s not! Seth questions her, blah blah. She offers as her sister (Miesha Barton) shows up. Older sister doesn’t smell anything, nor does she say anything. Cut to Seth in his room with a towel under the door.

Our little sister Kelly said she about cried.

Getting punched in the face was a lot like, well, getting punched in the face. It happened so fast and the blood alcohol level was through the roof, which is probably a good thing, or it might have hurt even more at the time. If anything it made for something to blog about.

Here are a few things learned from taking a shot (as in, someone's fist) to the face:
1. Getting punched in the face ISN'T as cool as you'd think it would be. Yeah it looks cool on TV and shit, but it's not quite the grand time you'd think it is. All you badasses out there know it.
2. South Carolina is for incest, rednecks and general bestiality.
3. Scabs falling off while you eat take-out lo mein is not cool.
4. Teeth are sensitive and worth keeping around. Even tough my white ass would look nice with a diamond grill like the rappers have.
5. People will give you all kinds of shit if your lip is busted up, including, but not limited to: Hey Rocky! What happened to your face? Look out dude, a bouncer. Your face actually looks better.
6. Nothing like the taste of blood while you shower.
7. Yelling at cops is probably always a bad idea and a quick ticket to jail (in most cases).
8. Drunken call logs on the cell phone from the night before tend to get lengthy. Ryan the next day: "Yeah, you called me like three times yelling about how somebody just punched you in the face."
9. Maybe it's time I stop acting like a fool on my birthday.
10. If that bouncer ever comes around, he's going down in a pile of his own puke and blood, maybe even urine, while gramps hits that little liar whore, per grandma’s approval. You can bank on some videos.

Movies that have got some love lately:
Everything is Illuminated — B
Bad News Bears (new) — B-
Jarhead — B+
Waiting — B-
The Aristocrats — B
Walk the Line — A-
Capote — A

If anyone has ever had a DVD burner die on them, hit me up. After 6 months of working great, mine went to hell. Might have had something to do with the subwoofer it was sitting on kicking out nasty bass and messing the "laser" up. A freakin' "laser" beam. Didn't give that little bit of info to the company when their tech support told me it needed to be sent in for repairs.

Here are some tracks off the upcoming Portland tribute to the late, great Elliot Smith. Check out Colin Meloy belting it out. Dig the Dolorean track. This leaked awhile ago and is floating, but I've got something tasty for later in the week, so here's a bit to tide you over. Thanks to for the album artwork, that place rocks the party. Leave a comment if you listen and/or download a track.
Cheers, KM.

The Decemberists — Clementine [mp3]
Dolorean — The Biggest Lie [mp3]
Eric Matthews — Needle in the Hay [mp3]
Sean Croghan — High Times [mp3]

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WTF Kanye

Oh no, he done it again. As if saying the president "hates" black people wasn't enough, he went and took a picture wearing a crown of thorns. Not very subtle there Mr. West! Oh, we get it, you're JESUS! This is probably going to cause a shitstorm with the Christians and the rest of those kooks that live in the south.

Probably all for publicity and to move Rolling Stone off the shelf. Seems that RS's better years are behind them.

Wow, Kanye's got balls or he's stupid, either or.

AP Story

Punched in the face/Pretty Girls Make Graves

What a birthday. Went to Columbia, S.C. and had a good time watching football (hell yes the Panthers lost!) and enjoying free birthday drinks. Then we went to some swanky, well not really swanky, but lame....very lame yes, place called “Good Company." Let me tell you, it’s not so “Good” and the “Company” can suck it.

We walked to the back of the bar and turned around. Walking the other way when next thing I know, some fratty bouncer punched me in the face. A little hoe-bag of a waitress said that I grabbed her ass, which I didn’t, and this jerk-off goes off and sucker punches me. Always hoped that my first shot to the face would come in S.C. where, yes Dorthy, people are very stupid, are missing teeth and probably sleep with their sisters.

Got back up, yelled in his face and was kicked out. 1 point for Kyle! Cops pulled up, yelling, bad. So, fast-forward two days and you have a bruised lip and plenty of jabs from co-workers.

Can’t do anything legally due to blood alcohol issues and probably never will go back to that hillbilly ass town again. If you go there, boycott “Good Company," hell, throw a brick through their window.

Spurrier and the USC Gamecocks are on my shitlist.

Probably SHOULD have grabbed that girl’s ass since I took a punch for it.

Anyway, here are some cuts from the new Pretty Girls Make Graves “Élan Vita” album. Leak-a-da-leak. Street date of April, but it’s so good you should hear a few songs now. I'll be buying it, so you should too.

Pretty Girls Make Graves — The Noctural House [mp3]
Pretty Girls Make Graves — Pyrite Pedestal [mp3]
Pretty Girls Make Graves — Wildcat [mp3]

Matador PGMG site [link] [link]